The Almighty Dragon General

Chapter 4


Thea was crying. “Jamie, I’m so sorry. I don’t even have any control over my marriage. James took her hand. “It’s okay. Grandfather has made the statement. If I manage to get an order from Celestial Group, he’ll have no choice but to acknowledge us as husband and wife. “It’s Celestial Group we’re talking about. ” Thea was worried. Born and bred in Cansington, she knew all there was to Celestial Group. Celestial Group was an international company, having broken into the Cansington market just recently. The Great Four basically monopolized Celestial Group’s orders. James only smiled. “We’ll never know if we don’t try. Thea thought of something suddenly, saying, “Oh yeah, I remember now. An old classmate of mine is working at Celestial Group. In fact, she’s the head of a department there. Let me get in touch with her. She might be able to connect us with the higher management. “Okay. Holding hands, the both of them walked home to Thea’s. Thea’s house and the Callahans’ villa were located in the same residential area. Where the headquarters of the Callahans’ was the villa, Thea’s place was in a high-rise building. The two of them took a leisurely stroll back. Gladys had arrived ahead of them, and she refused to let James into the house. James shrugged. There was nothing he could do. “I’ll go home then, Thea. Thea knew she had no choice either, so she nodded. The priority now was to secure the orders from Celestial. That way, the Callahans would have no choice but to accept James as part of the family. After settling down at home, she got in touch with her classmate whom she had not spoken to for many years. On the other hand, James returned to the House of Royals, situated in an area where the most luxurious villas of Cansington were. He sat down on the couch and lit a cigarette. Taking out his phone, he dialed a number. “Bring me the chairman of Celestial Group. He hardly wanted to press his privilege as the Dragon General, but it could not be helped if he wanted the deal with Celestial. Soon, a middle-aged man about 50 years of age arrived at the house. Wearing a suit, he was heavyset and starting to go bald. “Gen-General. As soon as the man entered the House of Royals, he fell to his knees. In Cansington, he was in charge of Celestial Group. Hailing from the capital, his name was Alex Yates. Before arriving, Alex had taken the time to find out with whom he would be meeting. He was kneeling in front of the legendary Dragon General of the Southern Plains. He showed no mercy on and off the battlefield, and his enemies cowered in fear when they heard about the Black Dragon. The Dragon General was no ordinary man. He was more than important, and therefore commanded the highest level of respect. Still kneeling on the ground, Alex felt a trickle of perspiration slide down his spine

“Alex Yates?”. James put down the stack of documents he was holding in his hand. Looking at the middle-aged man kneeling on the ground, he waved a hand and said mildly, “Why don’t you stand up?”. “Ye s, s ir. Alex stood. He was sweating profusely, but he made no move to wipe his sweat away. Shaking in fear, he wondered if he had somehow offended this mode rn-day Ares. Why was he summoned? . “Tomorrow, my wife Thea Callahan will be visiting C elestial Group, asking for a deal of thirty million . You’re to handle it personally. Don’t mess it up. Alex sighed in relief and broke into a smile. “Of course, General. Even if it’s a deal of three hundr ed million, it would be yours if you say the word. “Remember, my wi fe’s name is Thea . Thea Callahan. “Ye s, s ir. “That’s al l. You may leave now. “Ye s, s ir. Alex felt like he had been gr anted amnesty and left at top speed, still soaked in sweat. As part of the Yates family from the Capital, he helmed Celestia l Group in Cansington. Even The Great Four had to be careful les t they provoke him, but his role was reversed when meeting James. After Alex left, James rose from the couch and m uttered to himself, “I’ve been back for more tha n ten days, but I have not paid my respects yet. He walked out of the house, plann ing to take a taxi to the ruins o f the Caden house in the suburbs. However, there was a multi-purpose vehicle wi thout a license plate waiting outside. A dark -skinned man in a black tank stood by the car. James walked up and cut Henry a g lare. “Didn’t I tell you to take the men and return to the border?” . “General, all the other men have re turned to the Southern Plains. It’s just me now. Won’t you let me stay?” . “Call me James. Th e general is no mo re in Cansington. “You got it. “Take me to the Cadens ’ cemetery. “Well, get in the car t hen, James. Soon, James was at th e spot where the Cade ns’ villa once stood. The villa had been burned to ashes, now replaced by graves. Cansington’s first fa mily was now worm food , their home in ruins. The sky was dark . Gray clouds ga thered overhead. Pitt er-pa tter. The heavens opene d and unleashed a torrent of rain. At the cemetery, a young man stood the re in a brown coat. Behind him was ano ther man, holding an umbrella over him. T hu d. James fe ll to hi s knees. Ten years ago, the C adens were the first family of Cansington

He was onl y 18 years old then. The same year, h is father marrie d another woman. His stepmother was Rowena Xavier of Th e Great Four, belonging to one of the m ost prestigious families in Cansington. Rowena had a plan all along. She slipped into James’ grandfathe r’s bed, accusing him of drugging her. His grandfather’s reputa tion was left in tatters and the Cadens were reduced to a joke. That very same year, Rowena lodged a report against his father, accusing him of corruption and bribery. His father was so angry that it triggered a heart attack. Not only did Rowena not save him, but she pushed him o ff the third floor. She told everyone else that his father Nicholas committed suicide because he felt guilty. After the death of his father, the Xaviers, who led The Great Four, converged at the Cad ens’ and killed his grandfather. They held the entire Caden family hostage, forcing them to hand over their family treasure, a painting named Moonlit Flowers on Cliffside’s Edge. After they obtained it, The Great Four b urned the house down with the Cadens sti ll within and divided the Cadens’ assets. “Dad, you’re a sinner. You’re the reason the Cadens ar e gone. You should have never married Rowena Xavier. Y ou should have never brought that vicious woman home…” . James knelt in fro nt of the grave, cr ying his heart out. It was a myth that men did not shed tears. It just too k a certain amount of pain. He hated his father. His father fel l in love with the wrong woman, res ulting in the demise of the Cadens. He hated Rowena Xav ier. He hated The G reat Four even more. The Xaviers, Frasiers, Zimmermans, and Wilso ns murdered the Cadens. “Grandfather, I will not let you die in vain. I swear I’ ll avenge your death. The Great Four will not live in pea ce. I’ll bring you the heads of The Great Four as proof. “My condolences, General. ” He nry was still standing behind James, holding the umbrella. Henry had never seen James so distraught bef ore. In fact, he did not think that the almi ghty Black Dragon even had an emotional side. He had shown no hint of fear agains t enemy armies, but in front of the graves, James was a puddle of tears. “General, Megatron Group, belonging to the Xaviers, will be having a celebratory banquet tonight. Megatron and Celestia l have signed a permanent agreement. From now on, Megatron will have early access to Celestial’s orders before letting the other groups and companies choose. The head of the Xaviers is also turning eighty today. It’s a double celebration. “Me gatr on…” . James cl enched h is fists. Megatron was the Cadens’ fa mily business. Now, it had fa llen into the Xaviers’ hands. He stood up slow ly, a murderous glint in his eye. “Get me a coffin. We’re g oing to the banquet. It’s time to collect a debt