The Blue Wolf

Chapter 26 Part 26


I take a deep breath through my nose and look at Ryker fiercely. He smiles back at me with an evil grin again. He turns to the female doctor. "Dr. Tyrel, I'd like you to start by injecting the serum that makes her lose her ability to link her OLD pack. Then. hmmm maybe take a few vials. then we'll start with the torture videos. Ooooooh I'm so excited. I'VE BEEN dreaming of this moment for years, how wonderful. I look at Ryker with nothing but hatred "Why are you doing this?". As the doctor starts slowly preparing her medical tools Ryker answers me in a sickly bored tone "Well. since we've got some time on our hands. let's see. it was my dream to have a Luna that was The Blue Wolf ever since I was a teensy weensy kid. Ohhhh I spent hours on hours reading allllllll the books on them. Every day I would go on my knees and pray I'd have The Blue Wolf as my Luna. I was almost sure I would have one. " So with what I've gathered so far. Ryker's just a huge moron. Ryker looks me in the eyes now "You can imagine my utter disappointment when I found that my mate was just an ordinary wolf. Her name was Sharon if you have to know, anyway. I had to kill her because she wasn't good enough. Actually. nah, that's not true. She was lovely. Very pretty. Very smart. Top of her class actually. I even ended up making love to her. She got pregnant. The worst thing for me. I had already had a plan to kill her. Now I had to take two lives. " I gasp. "You killed your  pregnant mate?". Ryker continues un-emotionally "See she wasn't a Blue Wolf. Anyways before when I met Sharon. When I had turned 18. I went to a witch, she prophesied that the Blue Wolf would show up in the Accardi Pack. So me being the genius I am, I told my pack to split into two and created a fake Pack. After that, I orchestrated a fake attack on them, by my "allied pack" Ryker throws quotations with his fingers in the air now. I pretend like I'm unaffected and ask "And then?" What Ryker doesn't know is that as he keeps spilling his secrets, I keep linking Sami ALL of this. Ryker looks up at me curiously, continuing "So then, the next part you already know, I saved them, bla bla bla, then those dumb asses gave me access to their grounds. Council awarded me with THE HONOUR MEDAL. So then I always wandered around there, hoping I'd meet you. Once I heard you were there. I met you, then after that, came the hard part, I had to pull some crazy stunts. To know if you were the real deal. I look up at him disgusted by this monster's sickness "What stunts?" Ryker laughs "Oh okay so you know that Olly kid? The one hit with silver bullets?" I say "Yeah what about him?". He looks towards the Doctor nefariously. The doctor gives him a sexual expression, still preparing her tools. What the fuck?

Ryker laughs again "That was me. I wanted to see if your blood actually did do miracles. But look what good this is doing, now I know. Our Pack will persevere through anything. Sami links me back "Luna I'm going to kill him. I ask Ryker "And why can't I get out of these restraints?" Ryker looks bored now "Wow, you're slow. they've been concealed with a spell just for you, by a dark witch, and let me tell you the price was high, the lives of two pups. But anything for my Blue Wolf. He squeezes my cheek. I gasp in horror. This man is capable of anything. What would he do to me?. At this moment the doctor says "Ryker, I am ready. " Ryker stands there watching me happily as I get injected by some sort of greenish-yellow substance. The last message I sent to Sa mi was "Sami, they're doing i t now. Please do what I said. Sami says " We'll find you, Luna. The doctor proceeded to take three vials of my blood. Then made me drink a glass of oran ge juice and fed me a sandwich unemotionally. The doctor took me to the washroom to pee. Then sat me back on the seat. I wanted to cry. If I could get out of these cuffs behind my back, I'd kill Ryker. If I just had listened to William in the first place about Ryker, I wouldn't be in this situation. The doctor suddenly left and it was just me and the sick fuck. He was whistling as he set up a camera on a desk. Then he came near me. "Hey, Alpha Accardi, I just wante d to send this to you as a late wedding gift. " he came up to me and kissed my neck. He then proceeded to take out a little curved dagger from the pocket of his jacket a nd he cut my jaw, I screamed in agony, he proceeded to cut my arm, then my thigh, then my hand. Then he kissed me hard against my will, on my lips. I spit on the floor. All of a sudden I realized, why wasn't I healing? I was gues sing the blade was also spelled by the witch. Why wasn't Gem speaking to me? There was something we could do, couldn't we? . Suddenly I remembered the blade I had in my boot. When I shook my boot I could feel the blade, but when I looked down. I couldn't see it. Why was it invisible? Ryker looked down at my boot with a smirk "Ohhhhh got something in there?" He looks in both my boots and sees nothing and smiles at me. Ryker rips my sweatshirt, leaving me only in my tights and my sports bra. I cringe at the thought of whatever he is going to do to m e next. He starts kissing my neck, and collarbones. I scream, the more I scream, the more he seems to enjoy it tremendously. I try to shut my mouth, and when I do he takes the dagger that is in his hand and swipes it across my other arm. I scream out again in agony. He gets up all of a sudden and walks in fro nt of the phone. He smiles widely at the ca mera. "Okay, that's been a good. start. We'll be sendi ng you more soo n Williammmmm. Then he sent it. I sat there in pain. When he put his phone in his pocket. I said "At this rate

I'll be dead within a day. " Ryker smiled "Oh no. Every night, I'll torture you, then I'll have Dr. Tyrel come in and stit ch you up, treat you, feed you, then the next night, we'll do it all over again darling. Sound good? Alright. He lef t afte r that. ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~ . It had been a whole month. A month of experiments was conducted on me. A month of brui ses, cuts, stabs, sickening kisses by Ryker. And last night the worst of it came. Ryke r cut out a piece of my skin and mailed it to my Pack. I had passed out from the pain. I felt so helpless. Gem hadn't spoken to me once since I'd been forcefully brought here. Maybe she had given u p. I was wishing I'd just die. That the moon goddess would just take me out of my misery. What good was being T he Blue Wolf if I couldn't even get out of these chains? That was spelled on by a witch? Some chosen one I was. Suddenly in my bleak state, I got an idea, I looked up to the wom an and asked her "Hey miss, if you get me out of these restraints, and help me, I promise you, I will not let any harm come to you. The Doctor evilly laughed in my face. "I guess I haven't introduced myself yet to you. Have I?" I looked at her like sh e was crazy. No, let me rephrase. She was crazy but I looked at her like she was crazier than ever before. She smirked and said "I'm Erika Tyrel and I have no intention of letting you go bitch. We've worked too hard to get your dumb ass. I said "Erika, like the girl who pretended to be Will's mate?" With no shame in her voice at all, she said "Why yessssss, the girl that was thrown out, but that's in the past now, I never cared that much anyway, but for my beloved friend, anything. I said, "What do you mean for your beloved friend anything?" She said "Well since Ricky found out that The Blue Wolf was supposed to show up in the Accardi pack. He thought if William already had a mate who he had chil dren with, even if his true mate, The Blue Wolf came into his life, at that point even if the spell wore off, and he found out the truth, there's no way in hell, Will would abandon his Luna and kids, of all those years . Plus it would be too much of a fucked up social situation to explain, so he and his family would just stay hush about it. And our plan would have worked. If that idiot friend of his wasn't under my bed that morning. I look at Erika one more time sincerely and say "Look you don't have to do this. For helping me you could get a second life, a good life, f ar away from any of this garbage you're in right now. You'd be pretty much-awarded anything you wanted for saving me. " She laughs "You fooli sh women. This right here is heaven. " Okay, so Michael wasn't exaggerating when he conveyed this girl was constantly in a state of delusion. I slumped back into the chair not saying any more after that. I smelled like I was rotten. Like dried-up blood and body odor. I was about to declare to myself that I had given up hope when suddenly I heard Gem speak to me "When Ryker comes in tonight. We will kill him. This is the moment we've been waiting for. This is what we've been enduring all this pain for. It has been written for tonight. Maybe that wasn't Gem. Maybe I had just gone crazy in my hoping to get out of he re. I fell asleep after that knowing that in a few hours. He'd be back to tortur e me some more and I would again scream helplessly with no one to help me at all