The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us-n

Chapter 21: Pay The Price


Brian's eyebrows knitted in a frown. Was Arlene walking back home because she had no money? It was hard to believe that the daughter of the Woodsen family had. a crisis of money. Maria and Ayla's conversation confused both Brian and Jaime. However, Brian only glared at her and said nothing. His icy stare made Ayla shiver. She lowered her eyes and said, "Mr. Clark, I won't come back this late next time. Ayla was so disappointed of her misfortune today. Her intention of going out today went down in vain. She couldn't tell anything to. Toby. Brian's eyebrows furrowed. "There will be no next time. If it happens again, you don't have to come back. Brian was astonished of her patience and energy. It was so late and she was wandering around the road alone. How did she even think that she could walk herself back to home?. Ayla didn't say anything. She just lowered her head and watched Brian walk into the main villa. Jaime gave her a curious look before he drove away. Meanwhile, Molly practically dragged Toby back to her house. It was rare for Hayden Smith and Miley Jones to see their daughter and future son-in-law come home together. "Dad, Mom! See, Today I brought Toby along with me,” said Molly with a smile. She held Toby's arm closely and pulled him down to sit on the sofa beside her. The servant immediately served two cups of tea and fruits. "You two went shopping? Why did you buy so many things?". Miley noticed the driver bring in more than ten shopping bags. "Mom, don't come at me. I bought some for you too! See? I'm a good daughter," said Molly, grinning. "Of course, you are! Tara, bring some soup for Molly and Toby,” Miley ordered the servant. "Mom, let Toby live here tonight, please?". Molly leaned her head against Toby's shoulder and pleaded to Miley. Toby however, wasn't feeling good. He was so worried for Lala. Since she ran away like that, it had been bugging him. In fact, he doubted that Molly had said something to her, but he couldn't question Molly. Everything he had now was given by the Smith family. If he left the Smith family, he would lose everything he had achieved. "That's for you to decide. As elders, we can't interfere. Although the wedding date hadn't been decided yet, the two of them had been engaged. But Toby didn't want to stay. He thought for excuses to refuse her offer and leave the villa. But he couldn't manage any and thus had to spend the night in the villa. When Molly walked out of the bathroom wearing a silk nightgown, she saw Toby standing in front of the window, staring at the. darkness of night. He had a glass of wine in his hand. She walked forward and placed her slender arms around his waist and said, "Toby, let's get married early! She wasn't sure why. he was delaying their marriage. But after seeing that girl named Ayla to day, she understood the real reason. Toby turned a round and foc used on Molly. "Molly, didn’t we alread y decide that we would t alk about it next year?" . "It's autumn now

Won't it be nice if we get married before the next year?” Molly looked into his eyes worriedly. "Toby, don' t you like me anymore?" . "What? No, it's not like that ! Molly, how could I not like you? Why are you saying that?” . Toby reached forward and caressed her hair softly and said, "It's getting late. Go to sl eep now. I have something else to deal with. Holding his wais t tightly, Molly shook her head. “No! I won't let you go. Can't you take care of your work at office tomorrow? Am I not more important than your business? I'm your . fia nce e!" . Toby never re garded her lik e his fiancee. This wa s very unfair. “Okay. I won't work to night if that makes yo u happy. " Toby agreed. Molly took him to the bed and the two of t hem lay side by side. However, Toby was still thin king about Lala, and it was evident from his expression. Molly wasn't a fool. She could see and understand what he might be thinking. But she ref used to acc ept defeat. She'd do everyth ing to keep this man by her side. "Toby, I reall y love you. Don' t you love me?" . Molly scooted closer to him and rested h er head on his chest. Caressing his cheeks, she asked softly. Toby touch ed her fac e as well. “Of course I love yo u, Molly. Meeting Molly and savin g her from that accident wasn't really his plan. In fact, because of this acc ident only, he became the De puty CEO of the Smith Group. But Ayla was still there in his heart. He had loved her since childhood and promise d her a loving future. "Then why don't you want to be closer to me?” . Molly wrapped her hands aro und his waist. She wanted to be clo ser to him. He was a normal man, an d he had responsibiliti es towards his fiancee. But his behavior very muc h differed from being res ponsible, and he knew it. But now, to provide Lala a secured futu re, he had to do it. Toby turned sideways an d pulled Molly in a spo oning position tenderly. They lay there in each other's arms , soaked in the beautiful moonlight that seeped through the open window. Toby had promis ed to make this woman his wife. He couldn't back off now. Would this marriage take a lifetime of compromise? . Shortly, Toby fell as leep while thinking ab out his unsure future. But Moll y was sti ll awake. She studied his sleeping face and wondered whether he regretted his decision. Who the hell was that woman who wanted to steal him from her? She would figure it out. Back in the Clark villa, Ayla fell asleep as soon a s she lay down on her bed. She was so tired o f everything that happened that day. When she woke up the nex t day, it was already nin e o'clock in the morning. She hurriedly left her room and on the w ay to kitchen, saw Brian sitting in the living room with a newspaper in his hand. "Mr. Clark, I'm sorry. I overslept. Although Brian heard her, he ignored Ayla and contin ued reading the newspaper

Ayla hesitated for a while befo re quietly asking, "Mr. Clark, c an I please continue my school?" . "No, you c an't. Brian put down the newspaper hastily and glared at her. "You are not allowed to go anywhere witho ut my permission. Have you already forgotte n my order? Don't even try to sneak out of . the vil la. He had start ed to doubt her identity. Until he investigated and confir med her real identity, he wouldn 't allow her to leave the villa. "Okay, I unde rstand. " Ayla nodded calmly. She had no choic e but to accept his every order. If she displeased him, her futu re would be more difficult to l ive under the same roof as him. Brian thought for a while bef ore saying, "If you want to g o out, you can come with me. "No, tha nks. It's alright. Even if she died while staying a s a prisoner in the villa, she w ould never go out along with him. Because that woul d only make her w ant to die sooner. As the day progressed, Br ian went to his office and concentrated on his work. Jaime cam e in afte r a while. "Mr . Cla rk. "Jaime, w hat's the matter?" . Brian l ooked up at him. "This is an invitation for the 20th anniversary of the Smith Gr oup. Are you going to attend it?" . Jaime handed him an invi tation card. Brian took it but didn 't open it. He threw it on the desk and asked Jaime, "The Sm ith Group? Next Friday?" . The name of the company reminded him of something. Wasn't it the group where Toby worked? Without thi nking much, he consented. "Make arr angements . !'ll go. He seldom att ended such ki nd of parties. But this time he agreed witho ut hesitation. Why did he acce pt the invitation so quickly? . "Mr. Clark, should I ask Anna t o accompany you?" Jaime asked since Brian said nothing more. When Brian heard Jaim e's suggestion, he ra ised his head at him. He thought for a moment, then said, "No. I 'll take Arlene to the party this time. Arr ange a gorgeous dress for her to go to the . ban que t. He would take her to her old lover and see how the two wou ld meet and greet each other. Although Jaime wa sn't happy, he did as Brian ordered. But if Anna got t o know about it, she would be hurt. The Woodsen family 's daughter was su ch a cunning woman. She not only pretended to be pure and pitiful, she was no w affecting Mr. Clark as well. Jaime could only hope t hat Mr. Clark would not f all in love with Arlene. Such women we're crooked and kne w how to foolmen