The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us-n

Chapter 28: She Had Nowhere To Go


"Misunderstanding? How ridiculous! Do you think I'm stupid? I should have caught you in bed with him. Only then would you have. admitted, right? Bitch!" Molly sneered. "You're even flirting with each other in public. How could you tell me that I'm misunderstanding you after seeing that? Anyone who. has eyes can clearly see that neither of you is innocent, and here you're, busy eating cake?". Molly's eyes darted towards the cake on the table. "Till let you eat it then!". As soon as she finished her words, she picked up the cake and smashed it on Ayla's face. All the cream got stuck on Ayla's face, making her embarrassed in front of everyone. Ayla didn't know how to react after this. She just sat there inadaze. "Bitch, don't let me see you again!". Molly pushed on her chest hard, then turned around and left. There was cream all over Ayla's face. She quietly stood up, painfully aware of everyone's gaze on her, then left the restaurant. Walking on the road in a daze, she felt so alone in this whole world. She couldn't go back to Toby's apartment, so where would she go now? She had nowhere to go. Despite the world being so big, there was no place for her to stay. Her life was so pathetic. Her eyes welled up, but she stubbornly didn't let her tears fall. Crying couldn't solve her problem. Meanwhile, Clayton went to her school to ask about Ayla. But both the school authority and her friends couldn't give any information about her. After that, he began searching for her on the roads. Where was she? While Ayla was walking aimlessly on the Melody Road, keeping her head down, Clayton found her. "You're such a bitch!". Seeing her, Clayton immediately came over and pulled her hair. "Dad? What are you doing here?". Ayla grabbed his hand and endured the pain, but winced when she saw the bruises on Clayton's face. No wonder that he would vent his anger on her. "What am I doing here? I am here because of you! If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have to face these dire consequences!". Clayton harshly pulled her towards the taxi by her hair and pushed her inside. She didn't need to ask because she knew where they were going. She cowered in a corner of the car's back seat and waited for her inevitable punishment. She was going back to that hell. Yes! Clayton had sold her to that devil. Where else could she go? She couldn't escape from that cage. The car finally stopped at the gate of a luxurious entertainment club. As it was daytime, the club was much quieter than in the night, but there were still some guests. As soon as Clayton got out of the car, he pulled his daughter into the club by her hair, ignoring the surprised gazes of others. Upstairs, in a private room, Brian was waiting for them wit h a glass of wine in his hand. The room was d imly lit by fl oor lamps only. He watched quie tly as Clayton pulled Ayla in. "Mr. Clark, I've found this bitch. Clayton pulled Ayla down along with him as they k neeled in front of Brian. There was n o dignity in his action

Brian d idn't r espond. He drank the wine lazily, then p ut down the glass, and focused o n the two people in front of him. "Arlene, Mrs. C lark, you are really daring!" . He stood up from the sofa and wa lked up to Ayla. Observing the red mark on her cheek and t he cream stains all over her face, he ask ed, "Whom did you hook up with this time? . Perhaps, his partner did n't like it. "I didn’t hook up wi th anyone. Ayla lo wered h er eyes. The hateful gaze o f him made her not want to face him. She had escap ed, maybe whi ch was wrong. But it wa sn't all her fault. Longing for freedom was her right, which he wa s reluctant to give her. "Re all y?" . Looking at the cream on her face and hair, Brian asked, "What is this all about then? Do you think I'm a fool?" . "Mr. Clark, it's all her fault. P lease let me go now. She won't ru n away again," Clayton promised. Ayla looked up at Brian and said quietly bu t in a firm tone, "I told you I want to be free. Give me some time and I'll make up for . what I owe you, bu t give me freedom. That's all I want. She didn't wa nt to go back to his prison. She didn't want to lose her self -esteem anymore. Brian grabbed her arm and pulled her up. "Clayton, your daugh ter wants her freedom , what do you think?” . "No, she won't . Her life is yo urs, Mr. Clark. Clayton glared at her, hinting to sto p talking nonsense. Freedom? What freedom she was talking ab out? They had lost all their money, and they were lucky enough to be still alive. How could th ey be longing for freedom! . "You want t o be free? Okay then. Walking to the sofa, Brian looked at Ayl a and said, "But your freedom depends on whether you are willing to sacrifice your . fathe r's l ife. "No! N o! Mr. Clark. Clayt on pan icked. As soon as he finished his words, tw o men came over with thick wood stic ks and began hitting him mercilessly. He couldn't help but scr eam in pain. "Mr. Clark, Mr . Clark, pleas e forgive me!" . It was the first tim e that Ayla had seen such a cruel scene. How could he be so cruel? Brian pou red himself another drink and drank calmly as if nothing was happening. "Mr. Clark, please let him go

Let my father go. Okay! O kay! I will listen to you. Ayla saw Clayton's condition with ho rror-stricken eyes. He was covered with bloodied wo unds everywhere. "I have decided to set you free, but Mr. Woodsen must die. You will be free when he dies. Isn't it what you want?" . Without shifting his e yes from Ayla, Brian o rdered her men coldly. "Don't stop. Keep hitting! Arlene, I will let you go when he breathes his last. " No !" . He was a devil, a complete devil! How coul d he treat a person so cruelly? How could he take someone's life just like that? Ayla . stepped forw ard and grab bed his leg. "Mr. Clar k, pleas e stop. She bent her knees and knel t down to him. Brian lo oked dow n at her. If she was so scared, how could she leave him? She could never escape him! He wouldn't let her! . "Are you sure tha t you still want to be Mrs. Clark?" . Brian bent over a nd lifted her chi n with his finger. "You must be aware of what you should do a nd what you shouldn't do. I'll give you foo d and clothes, and you'll be satisfied and . thankful for that without complaining. This woman had been away from him for only a few days, but he felt bothered, which was odd for him. He wasn't willing to let her go. However, what was up with Clayton? How c ould he treat his only daughter like thi s? Wasn't she the beloved daughter of the . Woods en fa mily? . "I understand . I won't leav e you again. Ayla agre ed, wastin g no time. She couldn't wa tch Clayton die in front of her. Brian helped her up and signaled his men to stop. No other sound except Clayton's groan and Ayla's whimpering from fear could be heard in the room. Ayla's phone r ang suddenly, and she froze. Toby! She had f orgotten about him completely. Brian stared at her and o rdered, “Answer the phone. Why aren't you answering?" . Ayla feared the way Brian would react when he'd se e the phone Toby gave her. She didn't use the phone he gave her, but she was using a phone given by another man. She took out her pho ne and on the screen , two words flashed. ‘My Toby. ’ Ayla raised her head to look at Brian. He was looki ng at the sc reen as well. She was doomed r ight now. She didn't know how she could exp lain this to him. She feared the devil in him and didn't want it to emerge again, w hich probably would anyway, soon