The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us-n

Chapter 23: She Is My Wife


Ayla didn't know how to put on an expensive and elegant dress like this. It was a pink-colored evening dress, with a deep cut V-neck and a shining first-class diamond lining on her left shoulder. Under the light, it was shining brightly. There were matching white high- heels, which were also decorated with pink diamonds. After helping her change her dress, Maria regarded her beauty and praised her. "Mrs. Clark, you look so beautiful. Standing before the mirror, Ayla looked at her image and didn't know what to do. She looked very different, and it was awkward for her to wear such an expensive dress. She was afraid that she'd damage it if she became slightly careless. After a few minutes, Brian's car drove into the villa. Amakeup artist and a hair-stylist got out of the car along with him. "Sir, you are back. Mrs. Clark has changed her clothes. Maria walked out to welcome him. Maria whole- heartedly wanted things to go easy between him and Mrs. Clark. Maybe after a period of time, Mr. Clark would realize that Mrs. Clark was actually a good girl. Brian shifted his gaze at Ayla, who was standing aside, looking uneasy and eyes downcast. She indeed looked very different in these bright-colored, expensive clothes. In fact, she looked more dazzling than he had imagined. The light pink fine fabric stuck to her delicate body, which complemented her fair skin tone. Brian averted his gaze to the makeup artist and the hair-stylist behind him and instructed them to do their job. Awhile later, when Ayla appeared in front of him again, Brian couldn't recognize her. He was stunned by how different and elegant she looked. Although she wore a light make-up, and her long black hair was loosely coiled up, she looked graceful. "Mr. Clark,". Ayla said in a low voice. Brian didn't respond. His emotionless demeanor made her more nervous. He led her quietly to the car and ushered her inside. She sat in the car and kept quiet. The car drove away from the villa and headed downtown. Today, Toby wore a black suit, and Molly matched her red evening dress with a long tail. They looked perfect beside each other. "Toby, Dad asked you to preside over the party tonight, which means you have great importance to him. I also believe you can do. well," Molly said with a smile. She was in a good mood today. She had asked someone to inquire about Brian, and learned that Brian would attend the party with his wife. Molly would take this opportunity to end every chance for Ayla tonight. If Toby got to know that she had married another man, he would never accept her again. Molly would do everyt hing to keep the man she loved to herself. She wouldn't let anyone t ake him away. As soon as Ayla got out o f the car, she shivered b ecause of the chilly wind. Looking at the tall b uilding in front of h er, she felt nervous

Standing beside her , Brian looked down at her and frowned. "What are you thinki ng about?" . Ayla hurri edly shook her head. Brian led her inside the building an d took the elevator to reach the thi rd floor where the banquet hall was. Inside the hall, Ayla's eyes wer e dazzled by the shining light a nd the guests’ luxurious clothes. Although she had seen such p arties in the Woodsen family, she had never attended them. Every time the Woodsen family held such lav ish parties in the villa, she would always end up in the kitchen to help the servants. Now, standing here like this, she felt her legs tremble in nervousness. If she hadn't had her arm lace d with Brian, she might have c ollapsed to the ground already. “Are you nervous? Ar en't parties your fav orite hobby, Arlene?" . Brian could almo st feel her trem bling beside him. Was she pretending to be scared? Or wa s she really scared? . "N-no! I 'm not n ervous. Ayla didn't want to run away because of fear at this point. She clenched h er fists to ste ady her nerves. Her pal ms were sweaty. She took a deep b reath and pursed her lips tightly. Brian only scof fed and stepped towards Hayden. Brian's presence at the annivers ary of the Smith Group surprised Hayden and made him feel proud. "Mr. Clark, you cam e. Please make your self comfortable. Hayden gre eted him wi th a smile. Awaiter immedia tely served him a glass of wine. "Thank you, Mr. Smith. That's ve ry kind of you. Brian took the glass and continued, "You' ve arranged the party impressively. I didn' t want to miss the opportunity to offer my . congratu lations to you. Hayden glanced at the woman beside Brian and said, "Mr. Clark, your co mpanion tonight is very beautiful. When Brian and Ayla walked in, Molly had seen them, but Toby didn't as he was busy chatting with other guests. "Toby, Mr. Clark is here. Let's go and greet him. Holding Toby's arm, Molly dragg ed him towards Brian with a pho ny smile plastered on her face. Ayla turn ed to look at Brian. She was his companion for tonight. What was that supposed to mean? . “Actually, M r. Smith, this is my wife. Brian's introduction not only froze Ayla, but also made Toby, who was walking toward s them with Molly, drop the wine glass from . his ha nd. The crashing noi se attracted ever yone's attention. Finding Toby there, Ayla was stunned. She opened her mouth several times, but wo rds wouldn't come out. His wife? Toby w as sure that he hadn't misheard. How did his Lala become thi s man's wife? Molly looked at Toby's shocked reaction. He really c ared about this woman

How could he be so careles s to drop the glass like th at? It was so embarrassing. She quickly grab bed his hand and pulled him aside. She was sure, if she was n't there, he would have done something reckless. "Toby, what's wron g with you? Why ar e you so careless?" . Molly asked a waiter to clean up the floor as soon as possible. Hayden also noticed Toby's une xpected reaction, but he regai ned his composure immediately. "Mr. Clark, let me introduce my daughter to you. She's Molly, and this is her fiancee, Toby Brown. He is also the Deputy CEO of the . Smith Group . " Toby look ed at Brian. Of course he knew this man. He was the owner of the Clar k Group. Who didn't know him? But why was Lala with Brian? . "Nice to meet you, Mr. Brown. Brian maint ained his ca lm demeanor. Toby nod ded. "Mr. Clark, nice to mee t you too. Toby knew Brian was an elusive m an and was capable of making gre at changes in the business world. But how did he end up with Lal a? Glancing at Ayla's pale fac e, Molly was secretly pleased. She also noticed the di sbelief and the disappo intment on Toby's face. "Miss Woodsen. Oh, sorry. Mrs. Clark. What a coincidence! We just met a few days ago! I didn't know you were married to . Mr. Clark. It's a pleasure to meet y ou again. Toby? Don't you know eac h other? Why don't you greet her?” . Molly took the initiative to speak with a smile, while ho lding Toby's hand intimately. Toby was e xtremely di sappointed. He looked at her and asked, "Lala, should I congratulate you?" . Why didn't she tell him anything when the y met? Why did she keep him in the dark? Now it was difficult for him to cope with . eve ryth ing. Brian was displeas ed to hear Toby ca ll her intimately. Her nic kname w as Lala? . Ayla onl y smiled faintly. Why did she have to face him on such an occasion without any preparation? Ille r heart ached watching Toby's sad face. When she saw the doubts a nd disappointment in his e yes, she felt heartbroken. Perhaps, she had lost her Toby forever. "I. need to use the restroom. Ayla turned around and left qu ickly. She staggered out of the banquet hall in her high heels