The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us-n

Chapter 35: She Lost The Right To Love Him


Ayla didn't mean to hide from Toby, but she thought that seeing him and talking to him was completely unnecessary. Meeting him again only made her sad. She loved him so much that she couldn't easily forget her feelings for him. It was unfortunate that he had to be with another woman. Besides, that other woman also cared for him very much. However, Ayla had already lost the right to love him since she was Brian's wife now. For so many years, she thought that he was the love of her life. Of course, it broke her heart to see him again this way. She wanted to forget, run away, and hide because there could be no future between them. “Lala, look at me! Why won't you look at me?”. Toby held her by the arms and shook her. Why was she avoiding him? Was it because of Brian or Molly?. "Toby, don't do this. Other people might misunderstand. Ayla tried to struggle and protest, but she felt helpless against him. "Then tell me, how have you been these days? Why weren't you answering your phone? Did you change your number?”. Since Toby couldn't get in touch with her, he had been feeling anxious and worried recently. Now he finally saw her in front of him, but she was trying to avoid him. This made him sad. "Toby, from now on, we can no longer talk or see each other. Just pretend that you never came back, okay? Can you do that?". It might have sounded like she had lost all her love for him, but the truth was that she felt like she could no longer love anyone. Perhaps if Molly weren't around, she could continue to love Toby. Or if she only had her freedom, nothing would stand in the way of their relationship. But at this moment, she had nothing. What right had she to love him?. "Are you in love with him, Lala? That man is a devil. He will never love you!". Toby feared that she had already fallen in love with Brian. He knew that his feelings for her had never changed. But what about her? Had she given up so easily? Was she willing to spend the rest of her life with that man? Eternally humiliated. and mistreated by him? Ayla knew what kind of person Brian was. How could he love her? Brian wasn't capable of loving anyone. He was a heartless man. And even if he could fall in love, he was not likely to fall for someone like her. "I know. I've always known that about him. But I still can't see you. I just can't! You have a fiancee now,". Ayla said as she stared at him with melancholic eyes. They had better not see each other again. This way, she wouldn't miss him and be heartbroken anymore. She could've easily faced her future without worry

She was determin ed to brave each hardship alone. Besides, she wouldn 't want to ruin his shot at happiness. She knew what it was like to dream of family, friendship, and affection since childhood. Similarly, she had w aited so many years for love and romance. But in the en d, she came up with nothing. "You don't want to see me because of Molly? Is this all because of her? Di d she say something to you that day?" . Toby had a feeling that Molly had said somethi ng bad to her that time. Otherwise, she woul dn't have been in su ch a hurry to leave. He was certain t hat Lala had love d him ever since. If it weren't for Molly , there wouldn't be any obstacle between them. Even if Brian tried to get in their way, he couldn't use his power to abuse Lala for the rest of her life. "It has nothing to do with Moll y or Brian. Aren't we much bette r apart? I have to go home now. Ayla couldn 't risk goin g back late. "Do you have to go back to him? Do you know that he ke eps many women around him?" . Despite everything, Toby did n't wish for Ayla to feel li ke she was being cheated on. She had already suffered so mu ch since she was a child. Must h er future be difficult as well? . "So what? It's none of you r business whether or not I see other women, right?” . Both of them heard a magnetic voice f rom out of nowhere. Ayla and Toby turned t o look at the man stan ding a few steps away. ‘Why did he come? What did he see? What did he hear?’ Ayla was shocked. There was no telling what Bri an was thinking based on his expressionless, handsome face. “Mr. Clark, if you don't want to c are for Lala, stop mistreating her . Let her go. I can make her happy. Toby held Ayla in his arms. Since he couldn't be bothere d with Lala, Brian should ba ck off and leave her to him. "Mr. Brown, the woman you are holding is my wife, at least for now. Don't you think you're going a little too far?" . It was just a sudden impulse that brought Brian to Melody Road. He never expected tha t he would encounter t his spectacular scene. "But do you treat her as your wife? When you asked her to wash dishes in the club, did you treat her as your wife then? When . you were hooking up with another woman, were you t reating her as your wife?" . Toby had often seen Brian with another woman in the club. Completely ignoring his words, Brian walked up to Ayla and aske d, "Can I trust you, Mrs. Clark?" . He had given her freed om to leave the house and go back to school. But it didn't mean that she was free t o meet up with Toby. Ayla pushed Toby away and moved closer to Brian. "Will y ou beli eve me?"

"Le t's go!" . Brian put his arm around her waist and escorted he r towards his parked car. Toby followed and ask ed, "Lala, are you re ally going with him?” . "Toby, you should go ba ck now! I'm fine. You'v e seen it for yourself. Ayla smile d at him as she spoke. She wanted to let h im know that she wa s fine without him. In the next couple of seconds, she was inside Brian's car. She kept her gaze on the road and dar ed not look behind. Throughout the drive, she didn't say a word, fearing that the man in the drive r's seat would get angry for no reason. "Are you upset? Is it because I came and prevented you from c atching up with your ex-lover?" . At this time, t he couple had re ached the villa. Brian stopped Ayla just as she was abo ut to head upstairs. "No. Nothing happened betw een me and him. You saw the whole thing, didn't you?" . Ayla turned aro und and gave hi m a firm glare. With his arms crossed over his chest, Brian slightly raised his eyes and said, "I hope that what happened today will be the first . and last of its kind. If I catch you again with another man, the consequen ces would be dire. Do you understand?" . He was threatening her again. But she had to li sten to him, hadn't she? . "Don't think that you can thr eaten me like this just becau se you have money and power!" . Ayla was so en raged that she had to retort. "Well, you can always e vade my threats. If you have the guts, that is. Brian fished a pack of cigarettes f rom his pocket and lit one up, just as he was sitting down on the sofa. Meanwhile, Ayla turned around an d went upstairs. Sitting before her desk, she p ropped her chin with her hands and looked out of the window. What was she doing just now ? It was true that he saw h er with Toby that afternoon. But Brian didn't yell at her nor did he stop her from going out tomorrow. Why was she angry with him? After arou nd ten minutes, she went downstairs an d stood in a corner of the living room. "Mr. Clark, I'm s orry. I didn’t me an what I said. "I don't want to hear ap ologies. I'll believe you 're sorry when I see it. Brian prefe rred action over words. Ayla then took a deep breath and headed st raight to the kitchen. When she came back, she was h olding a cup of coffee, which she placed in front of Brian. “Are you doing this just because you wa nt to keep your freedom or is it becaus e you want to see your ex-lover again?" . It seemed that Bri an wouldn't accept her peace offering