The Substitute Bride: Making Memories Of Us-n

Chapter 22: They Were Totally Different People


Next morning, Toby got up early. Everything had changed last night. He went to the window and looked at the beauty of nature. Molly woke up soon after. When she saw him standing in front of the window, she got off the bed and walked up to him. Wrapping an arm around his, she said with her still sleepy voice, "Toby, I'm really happy to have you. Last night he finally made her his. Although she knew he didn't want to have sex with her before marriage, he had to because he couldn't deny the daughter of the. Smith family. Molly was determined to keep him at home every night and wouldn't let him see that girl again. “Are you overwhelmed by the happiness, silly girl?". Toby felt sorry towards Molly. He only consented in this marriage because of the promise he had made to Hayden. He needed the money and Smith family helped him earn. But now, he was doomed for life. He couldn't give Molly the love that she truly deserved. He loved his Lala. Did his Lala know about his relationship with Molly? What would she think realizing he was engaged to Molly and would marry. her? She must be disheartened and have looked down on him. "Toby, I don't need anything else. You are everything to me!". Molly's face expressed nothing but happiness. Toby caressed her back softly. "Well, get changed. Let's go downstairs quickly. Dad and Mom must be waiting for us. Let's not keep them waiting. In the living room on the first floor, Hayden was sitting on the sofa with a newspaper in his hand. He was going to throw a grand party for his company's anniversary. Besides, he had decided to announce the wedding date of Toby and Molly. "Good morning, Dad. Toby greeted him with a smile as he and Molly walked in. Toby although had stayed in the Smith villa several times before, but he was still not used to living here. After all, this was the Smith villa, and being a member of Brown family, he didn't belong here. "Toby, I've decided the wedding date of you and Molly. announce it at tomorrow's event,". Hayden announced. Toby didn't expect it to be so sudden. In fact, it was still unbelievable for him to imagine himself as the son -in-law of the Smith family. "Dad, why are you in such a hurry? Toby said we would decide about the marriage next year. Molly noticed Toby's facial expression, and evidently he was not happy about the arrangement. "Why should I not hurry? You have been together for long now. I don't want you to get pregnant before marriage. Hayden said that as a matter of fact. Even though Toby was present there, it was still up to the Smith family to decide about their marriage. "Okay, Dad. We'll do as you say

Toby held Molly's hand and gave her a small smile. "That's right," Hayden said in a satisfied tone. After breakfast, Hay den and Toby went to the company together. Miley and Molly went to the garden to spen d some time together. They were serv ed flavored te a and desserts. "Molly, has anything happened between yo u and Toby? Why do I always feel that Tob y is a little reluctant in the marriage?" . Miley always w orried for her only daughter. "Mom, don't think too much. I'm beautiful a nd our family is rich. He won't leave me an d go anywhere. He knows that without me, he . can't do any thing," said Molly firmly. Miley nodded, hearing her da ughter's words. If her daughter was so confi dent, she better not interfe re in their personal matters. In the beginning, Mile y was against the marr iage of Molly and Toby. But Molly did not g ive up and persuade d him into marriage. So, Miley co uldn't help b ut let it be. As a mother, she wan ted nothing but her daughter's happiness. Molly received a phone call and left the villa. She had fixed an appointme nt at a cafe. She needed to reach th ere on time. When she reached the cafe, a m an who probably was in his earl y thirties waved a hand at her. She noticed him and went forward and joined him. "Mis s Sm ith. He smil ed flatt eringly. “Have yo u found a nything?” . She direct ly came to the point. "Have you got a ny information a bout that girl?" . Molly ignored the ma n's polite approach and asked haughtily. Sne was a wom an who only k new one thing. If she was paying the money fo r something, she wanted nothing but perfection on that matter. As long as she was satisfied wit h the result, she was willing to pay as much money as they wanted. "Of course, I have gathered some informat ion. How can I forget your demand, Miss Sm ith? But there is very little information . abo ut h er. The man handed over a document, which o nly showed that she was the daughter of the Woodsen family and the name of her . sc ho ol. But how could the daughter of the W oodsen family be so abject with no proper details about her background? . "Miss Smith, I have a nother interesting in formation about her. He gave her another pie ce of paper. There were two photos of two d ifferent women. But didn't the Woodsen fam ily have only one daughter ? She could recognize Ayla. But the other woman was ve ry beautiful. The two of th em were total ly different. "Miss Smi th, this woman. He pointe d to Ayla 's photo. "Her name is Ayla Woodsen and she was a dopted by Clayton

Arlene Woodsen is his real daughter. But recently, Clayton sold . Ayla to marry Brian instea d of Arlene. Private detective s were really good at investigating. They could dig o ut information t hat nobody knew. While flipping through the document s, Molly found out that Ayla had ma rried to Brian Clark of Clark Group. The rumored most emoti onless man. "Okay. Very good. I 'm very satisfied with your work. Molly took out a check fr om her bag, wrote the amou nt and held it out to him. She paid him mo re money than s he had promised. The man took the check and left w ith satisfaction. Molly studi ed the docu ments again. That meant Ayl a was a substit ute for Arlene. Did Toby know about this? Did he do all of that just to save her from this marriage? Or was he still in dark? But she and Toby . would announce their wedding date tomorrow. After that, Ayla would never have a chance t o steal Toby from her. After leaving th e cafe, Molly wen t to the company. Since Toby was attendin g a meeting, she waited for him in his office. As she wandered around the office looki ng through his files, her eyes fell on a photo almost hidden under one folder. Molly picked it up and saw it was Ayla. Why did he still have that girl's photo with him? She angrily picked up the photo, tore it into pieces and threw it into the trash can. Fred watched her as she asked him not to tell Toby that she came here, and left thereafter. Meanwhile, Ayla stared at her te xtbooks morosely. It was no longer imp ortant whether she w ent to school or not. Perhaps, her whole life was going to be wa sted in the Clark villa! She sighed deeply , then went to the garden and looked up at . th e s ky. Asmall whi sper left her mouth. "Toby, are you happy? You will be happy without me, won't you? You will be happy with your fiance. At that moment, Jaime arrived a t the villa and saw her in the g arden, alone, gazing at the sky. Seeing her quiet and pitiful face, his hea rt suddenly softened. Ayla sensed s omeone's eyes were on her. She turned around and saw Jaime. She smile d politel y at him. "Mr. Turner, are you he re for me?" . Jaime was slightl y taken aback by her kind gesture. He hesitated before say ing, "Mr. Clark asked me to bring you clothes. He stiffly held out an e xquisite box, containing a delicate dress for her. Looking at the box in hi s hands, Ayla said, "But I already have clothes. "Mr. Clark asked you to wear this dre ss tomorrow and wait for him to pick you up," Jaime informed her simply. He didn't think it was necessary to tel l her anything more. In fact, Jaime didn 't like Brian's dec ision of taking her. But once Brian made a d ecision, he never allow ed others to object it