The tribrid

Evil and chaos


The Tribrid. Rise of the Divine Warrior. Written by Authoress Mira. Brought to you by Wonnyboy diaries. Presented by The Supreme Writer. Chapter 10. Evil and Chaos. Tales of the True Alpha and his Pack spreads like wild fire not knowing that he is close by, Edward Montero a Ex CIA agent who wrecked the dark force 4 ten years ago, The Dark force 4 were the Anihilators before its name was changed because of the CIA intruding their business. That Red glowing eyes, That hairy skin, That paled face when fighting those hunters two days ago, He revealed a dark part which he dwelled in, A Family of Werewolves. The Montero's pack of ages. A Gift that Humans dreamt to possess. Mr Montero car drove into the building looking messy, Mrs Montero got down from the car carrying Lilian on her back, Lilian is still in slumber all this time, Seems she is kinda weak when involving Wolfsbane and Mountain ash. Marcus entered the Building only to see Jack sleeping like a child on the couch, Everywhere seems to be clean all this time, Mr Montero marveled in awe because the Jace he knew hates chores talkless of cleaning everywhere. " Dad should we wake him up yet Marcus, We need to clean ourselves and be ready to create a great massive lie that will make him believe we are fine " Mr Montero said and Marcus obeyed, Mrs Montero climbed the stairs with Sleeping Lilian. Few minutes later after Little Lilian is placed on her bed sleeping, Everyone came to the living room and Then Marcus woke Jace up from his dreamland, Jace jolted up with his sleepy eyes and he gasped on sighting his complete family. " Mom! Dad! Marcus! Thank God you all are OK, Are you hurt? What happened? " Jace asked worriedly caressing the face of the smiling Marcus while Mr Montero sternful face never changed one bit as he stared at Jace. " Sit down Jace, We have something that we will need to tell you " Mr Montero spoke out calmly and Jace obeyed, Everyone faced Jace sternly, Jace felt uncomfortable with their gaze which fell upon him. " What we are about to tell you is something critical Jace, We can't hide it anymore neither lie to you, What am about to tell you must be kept a secret and this secret is. " Mr Montero couldn't finish his statement when his phone rang. " One minute please " Mr Montero stated answering the call, His countenance changed immediately he disconnected the call, His tightened his grip on his phone breaking the Samsung he held into pieces. " What happened my love? " Mrs Montero asked. " Something came up and I have to leave now, Jace we will discuss later, I need to take my leave right now " Mr Montero stated walking out of his mansion immediately, He took his SUV and drove out of Environment immediately, He drove roguely not minding what is before him. ' Why are they acting strange towards me? Firstly they got abducted without the police intervention and now Dad is going without even telling me this top secret he had wanted to disclose before the call interrupted ' Jace said to himself. Anihilators Base. The Pink Killer advanced into the Anihilators Base, She swayed her seductive hips and ass into the main part of the building, Guards bowed before her in respect until she got into the Highly restricted Hall. Mrs Chevolet could be seen sitting down comfortably with a tray filled with apples on her laps, She held her knife which she used in cutting the apples, The Pink killer emerged into the Hall, Mrs Chevolet smiled on sensing the presence of her daughter. " What about Me Montero Alicia? Have you traced who the True Alpha yet? " Mrs Chevolet asked not raising her head up as she continued slicing her apple and digesting it in her system, Alicia the pink killer advanced towards her mother. " Not yet mother " The Pink killer lied

" What! What do you mean by not yet? I thought the pink killer is all powe rful and unstoppable, " Mrs Chevolet said with a wide grin and this time r aising her head up to see Alicia who scoffed on hearing her mother's words. " Though I don't know who the True alpha is but I have my ways of finding that out without stress mother, Mr Mo ntero seems to not be the only one with the idea of who the suppose True alpha is, That's why I decided to spear him and his family in other to trace the true alpha and his whereabouts " Alicia said and Mrs Chevolet scoffed. " Very well then Alicia, you are never returning back to Spain, Skyfall City is your new home a nd you and your cousin will be enrolled into Crimson high school as the controller because we o wn and built the school, We own the school " Mrs Chevolet smiled and Alicia joy knew no bounds. " Is th at under stood? " . " Yes mum but what about our deal in Spain, you remember the deal that we stay in Spain till fathers are back from their secret mission, The Red Generator needs to be revived in other to Accomplish the mission given to us by the dark masters " Alicia asked and Mrs Chevolet smiled. " Don't worry Alicia, We have everything all planned out and right now, I need you and your cousin here in Skyfall to eradicate all supernaturals alongside us, The Vladimirs and The Chevolets are the rulers of The Anihilators for millenniums now and we will not be divided " Mrs Chevolet smiled. Uptown ru n the div ided world . Feeling that great light shining in me . Both of the dark and light . Hey yo I will like t o enlighten you all to the Great darkness . Were Evil Triumphs over good . Kristy Emerged out of the Ocean slowly, She could be seen dragging d ozens of Mermaids out of the Ocean with Sharp electric nets that sho cks fishes and Mermaids are also fishes so they are not immune to it. " Well-done Kristy, You made me proud daughter " Mrs Vladimir smiled. " I wonder what you are going to do the all this mermaids, You know that I am a good swimmer and the perfect hunter that's why I was sent to capture Mermaids and My dea r stupid cousin hunts the True alpha. That's bullshit mum " Kristy veered angrily. " Their things that needs not to be spoken about Daughter, Everything in this world has a reaso n and you need to be prepared because none among You and your cousin will be traveling back to Spain, Skyfall is your new home now " Mrs Vladimir said approaching the chopper waiting for her. " Mum that's bullshit, How am I going to cope with that bitch I call a cousin " Kristy yelled. " Very soon you girls will move along with each other and that's what I need, Unity in bringing b ack you silly girls is quite difficult so we are taking you girls back to school were you can boss everyone around " Mrs Vladimir stated hopping into the chopper and the chopper flew into the sky. " What am I going to do with this bu nch of assholes? " . Chevo lets M ansion . A private jet landed inside the great compound of the Chevolets, Maids and Guards hurried towards the Jet, Alicia Chevolet emerged with a wid e grin, She is putting on pink top and jeans, She loves anything pinky. " Take all this luggages into my room, I have returned back from Spain, It will be n ice hanging out with my desire, It will surely be fun " Alicia stated with smiles be aming all over her face, She got down from the Jet stairs swaying her big a** around. " Big sister Alicia. !!! " A little voice called out immediately Alicia st epped her foot into the main building, A little darling girl sprang out of the upper floor stairs and she quickly embraced the already waiting Alicia. " Welcome back big sister, You left me behind with Brenda who is harsh towards me, You left me with a sick asshole that I call a sister " The little girl frowned and Alicia had that dark grin plastered on her face. " Really. Don't worry big sister is back permanently " Alicia smiled bu t it all faded on sighting a young teenage girl who is under sixteen emerg ed from the kitchen with her face buried on her Samsung Galaxy smartphone. " Hey Brenda ca n't you greet? " Alicia asked

Brenda faced Alicia and hissed in disgust, This pained Alicia but she decided not to be angry because she knows what she is capable of doing as the head among her sisters, She leads them all in the hunters way. " If I am to respect someone, Why will I respect you talkless of greeting. " Brenda couldn't complete her statement when she received a loud thundering slap from Alici a, Brenda face became red but she is still standing because of the hunters training. " Who do you think you are Brenda? Just because you are my blood sister that's why you are still breathing, You kno w what I did to the Asian billoniare twins, I killed them with her Gclock pistol and nothing happened to me, I cann ot kill you not because of I can't but you are my sister, Beware Brenda " Alicia warned while Brenda hissed walking. " We shall see who laughs last " Brend a muttered smiling. 5000 year s ago . Arrows rained down from the mountain top, Archers unleashed their terrors, Diffe rent species of creatures fought rampaging on the battle ground, Creatures of th e night known to be Destructive, Those red eyes. Bloody fangs and Sharp claws. They w ere Va mpires! . Heavy roaring sounds echoed around the mountains, Lifeless bodies littered around as the war con tinued, Dark smokes emerged from the ground heading up to the mountain top, On reaching the top, The Smokes emerged together forming a bright handsome man with green scales and dark green eyes. " Alpha Vampire sir, Everything is in perfect shape, The Ilion coven are destroying the defenders of this world " A vampire spoke out in a humble tone in other not to enrage his lordship. " What about h im? " The Alpha Vampire asked. " My lord I don't un derstand " . " You do understand what I am talking about, The defenders aren't a lone in wars, They got someone backing them up and you know who he is, where is he " The Alpha Vampire asked with pride while snorting. " But sir I still don 't get. The Alpha vampire lifted the Vampire up chocking hi m, Alpha vampire slammed the Vampire he held down o n a rock ruthlessly, He gnashed his teeths in anger. " Are you dumb or what? Don't you get it. Don't you know who I am talking a bout? " The alpha vampire asked in anger but halted when he felt that strong au ras, Tornadoes hits off vampires killing some while some were brutally injured. A Young man emerged out of a blue portal, He isn't alone because he had his entir e pack with him, The Hawk's pack. The one most feared and brutal pack in ages, T he Lords of all packs and the Generals in affairs of werewolves in the dark world. " Hello Vladmir Viking " The Alpha of the Hawk's pack uttered with his body glo wing enormously, The ground which he stood upon cracked slowly, The Alpha vampi re widened his eyes in shock because it's only one man that knows his true name. Vladm ir Vi king! . " Hawk!! " T he Alpha Vam pire gasped. Feeling the dark auras engulfing me . Don't k now wha t to do . Depress ed from day one . I am a h eartbrok en b***** . T B C