Uncle's Love: My Sweet Little Wife

Chapter 2 Handsome, Please Help Me!


Resentment filled her heart, and Kara used all her strength to break free from Linda's grip. Then she took a step forward, pushed Sophia away and ran out of the house. Linda was so angry that she immediately ordered the security guards to catch Kara. If they failed, they would be dismissed. The security guards didn't want to lose their job because of a girl, so they took out the electric batons and chased after Kara. Kara was fully aware of her vulnerability. Exposing the evil deeds of Sophia and Lily was equal to braving the storm in a skiff made of paper. Even if they beat her to death, no one would come to collect her body. As long as she was still alive, maybe she could find a way out of this one day. Thinking of this, she rushed forward desperately with weak unsteady steps. Hearing the footsteps of the security guards behind her, she gritted her teeth and quickened her pace. Not long after, she saw a pure black luxurious Maybach in front of her. The moment the car door was opened, she rushed in without a second thought. The man standing outside the car was tall and straight. His black suit gave him an aura of authority. Seeing a girl get into the car without his consent, he put on a cold look, with his thin lips tightly pursed. The driver who opened the car door was stunned when seeing Kara come to the back seat nimbly like a kitten. Stealing a look at Mr. James, the driver was instantly intimidated by his cold and fierce air. The driver was surprised at this girl's boldness. Mr. James was forced to come here by his granny Zoey, which upset him a lot. This girl indeed irritated him at the wrong moment. 'Isn't she afraid of being punished? I must drive her out of the car now!' the driver thought. "Mr. James, I'll throw her out!". The man called Mr. James had strikingly handsome features that would take anyone's breath away. However, his handsome face was now as black as thunder. Pursing his thin lips, he stared coldly at the girl curling up in the back seat. "Help! Someone wants to kill me. Hearing that the driver was about to throw her out of the car, Kara was flustered. She looked up and saw Mr. James' fierce brown eyes, which scared her to freeze on the spot. Fortunately, she regained her senses upon hearing the footsteps of the security guards who were chasing after her. She did not want to die!. "Handsome, please help me! I promise to repay your kindness to me one day!"

She knelt on the seat to beg him, putting her small palms tightly together. Hearing no response from Mr. James, the driver could feel that the latter had almost run out of patience. Gripped by fear, he stretched out a hand, intending to throw the girl out of the car. Feeling irritable, Jame s wore a stern look. However , he did not stop the driver. He wa s never a k ind person! . However, when looking down at this girl's frightened expression, he couldn't help softening towards he r. Her amber eyes were filled with sparkling tears, which made her look pure and innocent. Her palm-sized f ace was soft and white. At first glance, he thought her delicate features looked like that of Barbie dolls. What was more, his h eart even ached when he h eard her low and soft cry. Wearing a cold expressi on, he pushed the driver's h and away and got in the car. "Dr ive!" . Just a moment ago, Kara was star ing at the driver's hand in panic whi le holding onto the back seat tightly. Then she heard the man's deep and charming v oice. Although it sounded indifferent, she believ ed it must be the pleasant one she had ever heard. To Kara, the word "Drive" was like the go spel God had given her. Right at this moment, the security guards ran over. Kara was so scared that she hid behind the ma n and unconsciously grabbed a corner of his sleeve. "Did you see a girl in school uniform?" the secur ity guards asked the driver. "No!" the drive r replied. The security guards didn't believe him at all. The girl disappeared so quickly, w hich meant she must be hiding somewhere now. They decid ed to look for her in the car! . The car windows were s hut, so the situation insid e couldn't be seen clearly. "How dare you? This is Mr. Jam es' car. Do you want to get yourself killed?" the driver scolded coldly. Mr. J ames! . Word had it that Mr. James was a ruthless and cruel man with an aloof aura. Anyone who dared to offend him would be severely punished! . The security guards turned pale, and they immediately stepp ed away to make way for the car. Kara took a sigh o f relief after they got away from the Quain's. She wanted to sit up straight, but she suddenly felt a sharp pain in the back

Letting out a low cry, she care fully looked up at the man beside her with a painful look. Just now, she was too fluster ed and panic-stricken that she fai led to see his appearance clearly. Taking a closer look, she now found that this man was extremely han dsome. He had an angular face with exquisite features, with his brown ey es carrying an air of coldness. Kara didn't dare to look directly at him. The bridge of his nose was tall and straig ht. Putting his long, slender fingers near his l ower lip, he seemed to be thinking of something. Crossing his legs, he sat in the seat in a custom-made black suit, which highlighted his nobility and elegance. She felt that he looked fa miliar, but she couldn't remembe r where she had seen him before. "Handsome, thank you for saving my life. I'm Kara Quain. I'll find a way to repay you. Kara said earnestly in a gentle tone. S ince she was weak, her voice was so soft tha t it sounded like that of an injured kitten. James glanced sideways at her. Her j ade-like little face was morbidly pale, b ut her amber eyes were as bright as stars. His irritation somewhat dissipat ed. Focusing his deep eyes on her, he felt that she was a little familiar. "Are yo u David Quain 's daughter?" . "Yo u know my father?" . Kara was surprised to hear this. Tilting her head, she stared at him doubtfully with her amber eyes which were bright as gemstones. "My n ame is Jame s Hemming. James remembered the time when he had just taken control of his family's b usiness. Since he was so young, many people showed little confidence in him. On ly David was willing to cooperate with him and lent a helping hand in business. After a few exchanges at work, they developed a de ep friendship. Three years ago, David lied feebly on the hospital bed, begging him to take care of his daughter. When receiving the tragic news of David's death, James was still abroad. After finishing his work, he hurried back to attend his fune ral. However, he learned that David's daughter was under the care of her uncle and grandmother. He also asked his subordinates to inquire about her life at the Quain's. Being informed that she was treated well by the Quains, he didn't pay too much attention to her after that. The girl's pitiful appearance re minded him of the kitten he had once raised, and he softened a little bit. She still had injuries on h er body, so she must have been f orced into a desperate situation