Uncle's Love: My Sweet Little Wife

Chapter 4 Home


An hour later, Kara huddled inside the car. She timidly looked at the man sitting next to her, frowning. Since he was very tall, when he was sitting straight, he could completely block the sunlight, leaving Kara in his shadow. She recalled some gossip about him that she heard before. With his decisiveness, James inherited the SA Group in a ruthless way at the age of twenty. He not only reversed the precarious situation of the SA Group, but also developed it into a world-renowned company in a few years. It was said that he was the youngest and most popular bachelor in NK City. For tens of thousands of women, he was the perfect man that they could only have in their dreams. They thought that he looked even more handsome than a movie star. However, it seemed that James didn't like women. He was twenty-nine years old now, but no one had seen him show up with a woman. Instead, quite a few gentlemen and childes were close to him. As a result, people made some guesses about his sexual preference. Countless messages flashed through Kara's mind. She thought of the Quains and the attitudes of Uncle Adam and her grandma towards her. She was injured and didn't want to go back to the Quain's. The school was not a good place for her to recover. Therefore, when James asked her what she wanted, she said without any hesitation that she wanted to go to his place. Facing James' meaningful gaze, she blushed and explained that she only wanted a place to recover from her injuries. It didn't matter whether it was his place or not. James agreed. This time, she was so lucky that she could meet Uncle James. But what about next time? If her grandma attacked her again, who should she turn to for help?. Therefore, she had to quickly find someone powerful enough to protect her. But why would a powerful person help her fight against the family of Uncle Adam for no reason?. Looking out of the window, Kara fell into confusion. She thought about her future and felt bitter inside. It was drizzling outside the car window. When the night came along, people were passing by hurriedly in the street. James glanced at the little girl sitting beside him. After she got into the car, her eyes had been fixed dead at him. He was going to ignore her at the beginning. Over the years, many people had been looking at him in this way, showing their obsession with him. Every time James noticed that, he would be annoyed. But the next second, when she turned away, James could see the confusion and sadness in her amber eyes. He found that he didn't get angry at all. Kara was David's precious daughter. Considering his relationship with David, there was no doubt that James should help her when she was bullied. They arrived at the villa. When James got out of the car, he found that Kara looked intimidated with a frown. "There's no need to worry. "Thank you, Uncle James. Feeling his concern for her, Kara stopped frowning and smiled at him. Then she followed him into the villa. She was already very grateful to Uncle James for offering her a place to stay

She didn't dare to ask for more. Now, she could only p lay it by ear. "Mr. James, welcome back," Libby said. She w as the chef of the villa. "Ho w's the dinner?" . "It's ready. I've also prepared the thin gs that you requested. Libby looked up and saw th e thin girl behind James. She r aised her eyebrows in surprise. In these years, she had never seen Mr. James show up with a you ng woman by his side. But today, he suddenly brought a girl back to the villa. Could it be that he finally decided to have a girlfriend? . Looking at the delicate girl, Libby was secretly makin g comments about her. 'This girl looks so young. Her face i s as white and bright as jade. It must be soft and supple. 'Her jewel-bright eyes are particularly a ttractive and adorable. 'But she's too skinny. Will she be okay? After all , Mr. James is very strong. 'I've never expected that a strong man like Mr. James will be into a girl like thi s, small and delicate. It does surprise me. James turned around and found that Kara had been standing by the door in a daze. Realizing that she was so nervous that she didn't know whether to enter or not, he simply held her little hand and led her into the villa. The moment he touched her ha nd, he was stunned. He found that her small hand was soft and thin. Showing no emotion, James let g o off her. "This is Kara. Take care o f her from now on," he said to Libby. Sitting at the dining t able, Kara twisted her hands, feeling reserved and uneasy. It took her a lot of courage to ask Un cle James for a place to live, but right no w this huge villa didn't feel secure to her. "Finish this bowl of chicken so up," James ordered. Kara rubbed her rounded belly. She w as going to refuse, but the man's cold and handsome face stunned her into obedience. James watched a s she drank the soup and felt satisfied. Kara was such a good and sensible little girl, provi ding for her was no more than feeding another mouth. And by this, he could repay David's kindness to him back then. "Miss Kara, tell me if you have anything in m ind. I'll make it for you. " Libby the chef looked a t her delicate face and felt a surge of compassion. "Thank you, Libb y. Anything is fine

I 'm not a picky eater. Kara was telling the truth. She wasn't too picky a bout food, but because she took medicine all the time, she didn't put on any weight even though she ate a lot. "Libby, take her upstairs to rest. " James glanced at the little girl with his cold brown eyes, and his voice was calm. "Yes. " Lib by nodded and le d Kara upstairs. Kara lowered her head and walked to the sta irs. She turned around and promised in earnest, " Uncle James, I will be good and listen to Libby. "OK . Go to r est now. Kara's slender figure disapp eared at the corner. James' expre ssion darkened and turned frosty. Nolan, who had just entered the villa , felt the chill and shrugged to cheer him self up. He did not dare to approach James. "How di d the invest igation go?" . As soon as James sent th e girl to the hospital, he ord ered Nolan to investigate her. Nolan wasted no time and was efficient. He offered a thi ck stack of documents to James. "Mr. James, this i s Miss Kara's informati on since she was born. James flipped through the docume nts and found some old photos. The gi rl smiled like a cute porcelain doll. "T he girl 's 17?" . From the girl's young and tender face, James had assumed she was a junior high student. "Yes, Miss Kara will come of age in three months. Mr. David's last words said that she should inheri t the shares of the Quain Group when Miss Kara turns 18. However, her second uncle, Adam, was impatient f or a birthday banquet where he could announce that he was now the largest shareholder of the Quain Group. Miss Kara has been lonely and helpless. H er grandparents don't like her. And no one hel ps her. No wonder she would be trampled upon. How could a fragile littl e girl be up against such a gr oup of unscrupulous relatives? . It was even likely t hat Adam wouldn't let her survive her 18th birthday. "What a re the Quain s doing now?" . "Adam has sent out people to look for Miss Kara. I guess if Miss Kara doesn't do what he wants, he wi ll probably have her killed before her 18th birthday. The more Nolan thought about it, the more he sympathi zed with the little girl. If James hadn't taken her to the hospital, she might have been held custody by the Quains. However, Nolan was surprised by J ames' kind gesture. James had been ascetic . It turned out that he fan cied little lolis like Kara? . "Keep an eye on the Quains. Sum mon a few of your best men here and make sure she's safe," James ordered