Uncle's Love: My Sweet Little Wife

Chapter 62 You Aren't Afraid That I'll Eat You?


James told her to put aside physics, but Kara still panicked a little. "You don't believe me?". The man's deep voice rang in her ears, and he pinched her small earlobe again. She felt itchy and dodged with a low laugh. "Uncle James, it tickles. "Why?". James saw that her fair cheeks were pink. He knew that was because she had reacted to what he just did. He smiled mischievously. "It's weird, Uncle James. Her earlobe was scratched by him. Suddenly, she felt her heart trembling. Her body felt very weird. She felt an itch as if she was struck by an electric current. Her soft voice was sweet and tender, and she unconsciously let out a murmur. She did not notice it, but James felt a surge of heat surging through his body, causing him to react. Damn it!. He cursed in his heart, with his legs crossed to conceal his embarrassment. "If you're not good at math, do what you can. I'll explain the questions you cannot do later. " He changed the subject. Kara immediately sat upright, nodding in agreement like a small warrior with a heavy burden on his shoulders. "OK!". She looked ambitious, and her pink face looked silly. Seeing this, his cold eyes flashed slightly and he took a deep breath to shake off the evil desire. Kara continued doing her homework. But she discovered that James had been staring at her. She met his cold and deep gaze. For an unknown reason, her little face turned hot and she quickly moved her gaze away. "Uncle James, do you have something to say to me?". "Do you know the usual lawyer of your father?". "Uncle Chiu, I know him. " Kara was puzzled. Why did James ask her this question?. "What's wrong?". "Nothing,". James' handsome face was cold and indifferent. He looked at her with a complicated gaze and said to her with comfort, "I'm keeping an eye on it for you. Don't worry. "Alright. " Kara believed him. Uncle James was able to manage such a large SA Group, so it shouldn't be a problem to help her keep an eye on the Quain Group. However, she also knew that Uncle Adam was not a businessman. Under his management, the Quain Group even didn't go bankrupt. She was glad to see that. Her trust made James' eyebrows twitch, "Aren't you afraid that I would take away the Quain Group?". Kara was stunned. She stared at him without blinking her big eyes. She replied after a long time. "Uncle James, you won't. If Uncle James was interested in Quain Group, with his ability, he didn't need to spend much effort to get it

But he said that he would help her defend the Quain Group!. "Kara, I'm a busine ssman. I won't do anythin g that isn't profitable. Kara d idn't know what to say. She jus t said he wo uldn't do it. But what he said was also correct. Merchants nev er did unprofitable things. "Uncle James, you must be joking with me. " Kara laughed foolishly. Panic flashed through James' amber eyes, but h e still tried to be brave and joked with her. His th in lips were pursed, and his tone was slightly cold. "It seems you still don 't believe me. "No," Kara hurriedly explained. "My father said that you were a trustworthy person. He told me to look for you after he died. But yo u were busy with work at that time, so I didn't dare to disturb you. Her father was strangely ill, and his illness worse ned soon. When she heard the news and rushed to the hospi tal, the only thing he said was to ask her to find James. Before she could as k her father the reason, her father passed away. Afterward, she also tried to find James, but he was too busy with his wo rk and always went abroad on business. She failed to look for him twice, so S ophia stopped her from looking for him again. Then this matter came to an end. But why did her fath er ask her to look for Ja mes? Kara pondered deeply. When James escorted he r to the door of her room, Kara suddenly turned around. She stared at him with her big and clear eyes, grabbed his large hands, and said solemnly. "Uncle J ames, I reall y trust you. He stared at Kara's small hand s while she grasped him tightly. His brown eyes were deep and sparkling. Her appearance, liked the dro wning person caught a piece of drif twood and didn't dare to let it go. He wrapped his long arm around her slender waist and made her leaned against the wall with one hand against the wall. The light above his head fell down, a nd his handsome face was hidden in the dar kness, unable to distinguish his emotions. "Aren't you afraid that I'll eat you if you're not worried ab out what I do to the Quain Group?" . Kara was not afraid when she was su ddenly hugged by the man. She instinctiv ely grabbed his arm and chuckled softly. "Uncle James, don't te ase me. I haven't taken a ba th yet. It's not delicious. " Is tha t so?" . James' lower jaw rested on her shoulder and sniffe d the faint medicinal fragrance on her body. Her voice was still somewhat bitter around the tip of her tongue. If you don't ea t it, how can you kno w it's not delicious? . "Uncle J ames, are you very tired?" . He tilted his body, his lower jaw resting o n her, and the mint fragrance was fresh and swee t from the tip of her nose. She liked the smell. "Y es. Too tired to bear it. Silence asked him, cou ld he bear it? . He also asked him self in his heart, how long could he endure? . "Let me h elp you rub yo ur head, okay?" . What she thought was very simple. Uncle James helped her make up for her lessons

She could help him rub his head and relax his bo dy as much as she could. It could be considered her with some value. James raise d his eyebrows w ith anticipation. Kara took him to her ro om and let him sit back on t he sofa. She rubbed his head. Her slender pinky fingers curved and used t he knuckles to gently rub his forehead. The prop er amount of strength made him feel comfortable. "Not bad. " He praised. Hearing his pra ise, Kara embarrasse dly explained softly. "When my father tired from work, my mother would rub his head. My father also liked my mo ther to rub his head. Later, when my mother got sick, my mother taught me this technique. My m other said it was my grandfather's technique. Unfortunately, I have never seen my grandfather. "Sometimes I asked my mother about my grandparents, but my mother cried ever y time. After that, I don't dare to ask. Hearing her mention the Kara Family, James suddenly moved for ward with something that had happened before. His jaw tightened, h is thin lips pursed into sharp curves, and his cold eyes darkened. Where the little girl could not see , he clenched his fists tightly with vei ns bursting out on the back of his hands. "Kara, are you very curiou s about your grandfather?" His voice was cold and indifferent. Kara did not notice his emotion and shook her head. "I have n't even see n him, but," . A few unhappy scenes flashed throu gh her mind. She quickly shook her head and chased them out, changed the topic. "My mother's health is not good. I dare not talk about my grandfather in front of her. I do n't know why, but my mother's health is getting worse and worse. Looking at her lying in bed wit h a haggard face, I am especially scared. I am afraid that I will live like this in the future. Thinking of her parents, Kara felt sad. Her eyes turned red, and her develop ed tear glands went out of control again. "Ka ra," . James grabs her small hands and interrupted her tr ain of thought, "You won't!" . "H uh?" . Kara stared at him in surprise. She d idn't understand why he was so determined that she wouldn't repeat her mother's life. "Little fool, a ren't you getting be tter and better now?" . "Uncle James, it's good to have you. " Kar a smiled through tears. Uncle James said when she was cryin g, she was the ugliest. She couldn't let Uncle James see her ugliest appearance. Kara continued to give him a massage. Her fing ers were sore and she called him a few times. She d id not hear his reply and lowered her head to look. It turn ed out that h e was asleep. Thinking of Libby saying that Uncle James often h ad no time to eat because of his tiring work, she coul dn't bear to wake him up and get up to do her homework. Until late at night, she couldn't take it o n her own. Her big eyes blinked vaguely, and she took her pajamas to the bathroom to have a bath