Unconscious Husband: Meet Her Love In Silence

Chapter 25


Chapter 25 The Fallen Popstar. Half a loaf is better than no bread, so Ariana just couldn't give up the chance. She walked forward, glancing at the crowd with her cold eyes. "Guys, I understand your fears. Although I'm new to this, it doesn't mean that I have no knowledge or resources. Isn't it better to bank on me than wait until God knows when? I'm willing to put in my time, resources, and attention to better anyone who decides to work with me. How are you so sure that an experienced agent would make things work for you? For all we know, you could end up with an agent that is already managing many other artists. You won't get the best service if you find yourself in that situation. Think about it. Many of the trainees suddenly turned their gazes back to her. "No one knows it all. You and I are all trying to build our careers from the ground up. Other experienced agents expect the artists to be docile and tractable. But I'm different. I believe everyone is equal no matter their position. Humility is the key to forming a good and long partnership. I won't force you to do what you don't want to do. I'll only guide and advise you every step of the way. It's left for you to do what's best for your career. Please give me a chance," Ariana continued in a sincere tone. Her heartfelt words got to some people. Particularly, those trainees who had been on the waiting list for ages and were already losing hope. Hush whispers filled the room again. A man and a woman sudneniy stepped forward. Before they could say anything, Donna spoke up. "You want her to be. your agent? Keep in mind that if anything goes wrong, it's on you and. her. The company won't clean up the mess after you. " 2. This statement sounded like a threat. The two trainees immediately stepped backward. "What do you mean by that?" Ariana asked Donna huffily. "I said what I said. Anyway, there's no rush. I have got a new idea. " A mischievous smirk tugged at the corners of Donna's mouth. "There's a star signed to SJ Entertainment who needs an agent. She has her own resources and connections. You two would make a great team. "Really? That's so generous of you!" Ariana commented sarcastically. Donna lowered her head to take a pretentious look at her watch and said, "She should be in the meeting room now. Come with me

She dismissed all the trainees and walked out. Ariana followed her. She wasn't going to stop now even though the going was tough. Donna took her to the meeting room. As soon as Ariana entered, she saw a beautiful woman sitting on the sofa with a cigarette in her hand. This woman was none other than Sarah Flynn, an over-the-hill pop star, who was currently involved in an extramarital affair scandal. Ariana immediately sensed what Donna was up to. Sarah was a talented singer and songwriter. She won the Golden Melody Awards only two years after she debuted as a singer. At the peak of her career, she married a D-list actor named Lynch Bush. She took some time off work to cater to her newborn child and husband. After five years of hiatus, she only returned to the music scene earlier. this year. But her popularity declined considerably. On the other hand, Lynch went on to become an A-list actor after their. marriage. He won a lot of fans with the help of his wife. He acted in. many blockbuster movies that earned him numerous awards. Not too long ago, the paparazzi released some intimate photos of Lynch with a strange woman. He was cheating!. The news spread like wildfire. It was the talk of the town for weeks. Social media users felt sorry for Sarah and cursed Lynch to no end. However, things suddenly took an unexpected turn. Someone leaked a video of Sarah having sex with a man at her residence. Lynch immediately put out a statement saying that he and Sarah had been divorced for over a year and a half. He alleged that she cheated on him several times during their short marriage. Everyone who supported Sarah before turned against her in no time. Calls were even made for her to be canceled forever. Sarah was an outcast now. No one wanted to work with her. "Thank goodness you are here, Ms. Scott. I have been waiting for you for ages. It seems you are so busy these days," Sarah said. She put out the cigarette on the ashtray and sat up straight, her beautiful eyes sweeping coldly over Donna. "The company has suspended all my work and had my agent transferred to manage other artists. Is this a witch-hunt? What is going on?". Donna immediately walked over and sat beside Sarah. "There's no cause for alarm. We are currently short of hands. A lot of budding artists had no agent, so your agent had to be transferred

It isn't a witch-hunt at all. " Sarah snorted and squinted at Donna. "You seem to forget that I'm not new here. That excuse of yours can only work on the newcomers. Don't put up an act in front of me. Everyone knows better than to believe a word that comes out of your mouth. Why don't you just come clean? The company has given up on me, isn't that right?". Seeing that Sarah wasn't falling for it, Donna's smile vanished. She. pointed at Ariana and said firmly, "Of course not! Look, I brought you a new agent. Sarah raised her eyebrows and turned to inspect Ariana. "Hello! It's a pleasure to meet you, Ms. Flynn. " Ariana greeted her politely. Donna did an introduction excitedly. "This is Ariana Edwards. She graduated from a prestigious university. Although she may not look it, she's very capable. She's sure going to be a good agent!". Sarah sneered, "I have never seen or heard of her before. What hole did she crawl out from? What makes you think she's qualified to be my agent? Oh, I get it. You are handing me leftovers as if I'm a beggar! I won't take that, Ms. Scott. I don't need an errand girl. What I need is someone who can help me revive my career and get me to the very top!" "Please calm down. This is just the company's arrangement, not mine. There are no other agents available now. Since you don't want her, I'd advise that you go home and wait for news about a free agent!" Donna lost her patience and said in a frosty voice. Sarah flung the teacup she was holding to the wall. "What the fuck are you trying to do? Is this your way of getting rid of me for good? This is because of the scandal, isn't it? I told you guys many times that I'm the victim here. That bastard I married set me up! Why don't you believe me?". In a fit of pique, Sarah overturned the coffee table. Everything on it crashed to the floor. Donna leaped to her feet and inched back to avoid her. "I get that you are angry about the whole thing. However, you have to calm down and tell your new agent the whole story. The arrangement came from the. management. I can't change it. With these words, she hurriedly left the meeting room like she had seen a ghost. "Fuck!" Sarah screamed and trembled like a mad woman. When she noticed that Ariana was still standing there, she exploded, "Why are you. still here? Get out! I don't want to set my eyes on you ever again!"