Unconscious Husband: Meet Her Love In Silence

Chapter 29


Chapter 29 The Kind Theodore. Mercy Hospital was located in the bustling commercial part of the city. Horace drove the car straight into the underground parking lot. They all got out quickly. Horace swiped a card to open the elevator. It took them all to the top floor of the building. As soon as the elevator doors swooshed open, Ariana saw that there was a group of doctors waiting there. The hospital's director bowed and greeted warmly, "Good evening, Mr. Fre—" ©. Theodore shot him a searing glare, causing the director to correct himself immediately. "Oh! Mr. Anderson, this way please. He ushered them into a lounge. Shortly after, the doctors took the little girl away and the director left to examine her himself. Ariana took a deep breath. She walked up to Theodore and said softly, "Thank you for your help. Theodore replied in an indifferent tone, "Why are you thanking me? You don't have to. Sarah is signed to my company. I'm only doing this because of that. Moreover, I don't want the press to have a field day over this. The ongoing scandal is already enough problem as it is. " 4. "Oh. " Ariana was short of words. She sighed and licked her dry lips. She poured herself a glass of water. As she drank it, she took out her mobile phone with the intention of knowing Sarah's condition. Sure enough, the media had gotten to the accident scene. There were countless photos of the scene all over the Internet. The cops had already begun investigating, so they found out the cause. of the accident. The owner of the car that crashed into the taxi was. Lynch's fan. She crazily claimed she did it for her idol. She got arrested for attempted murder on the spot. Ariana was scrolling down when she saw pictures of her carrying a child out of the taxi and leaving the scene. They were blurry, so they were probably taken by some passerby. Many comments were flooding under that post, most of which were discussions about the child's identity. "Oh my goodness! What do I do? Someone took pictures of me carrying the child and posted them online. " Ariana looked at Theodore with worry written all over her face. She had wrapped the little girl with her coat, so her face wasn't visible at all. However, it was best not to underestimate social media users nowadays. They constantly came up with different ways to dig up the truth. If things went on like this, the girl's identity might come to light

This was the last thing Ariana wanted to happen. Given the present state of things, the whole situation would worsen if the child's identity was exposed. After a short silence, Theodore ordered his assistant, "Go deal with it. Scrub off those pictures from the Internet immediately. " 2. "Okay, boss. " Horace nodded and left quickly. The couple was left alone in the lounge. Ariana stared at her phone absentmindedly. She was never at ease whenever they were alone together. As soon as she raised her hand to brush her hair back, she cried out in pain. Her fingers touched the bruise on her forehead that she had completely forgotten about until now. Ariana pressed her palm on her forehead to ease the throbbing pain. She. had just opened her misty eyes again when she saw a big hand holding a band-aid with strawberry patterns. Ariana looked up in confusion. "Is this. for me?". It was hard to believe that the cold-hearted Theodore was being so kind now. Ever since she met him, he had been so moody and uncaring. She couldn't understand what went on in his head at all. Why was he so caring tonight? #. "Just take it. I found it in the trash can," Theodore uttered expressionlessly. Ignoring her reaction, he threw the band-aid on the table beside her, turned around, and left. "Tsk! I guess I got my hopes up too high this time," Ariana grumbled under her breath, staring at Theodore's back. A few minutes later, the door of the lounge was opened from outside. The director came in with an examination report. Ariana stood up and walked over in a hurry. "Doctor, how is she? Is there anything wrong with her?". "Calm down, ma'am. She's doing good. She has no external injuries. " The director handed her the report and continued with a frown, "However, we can't say for sure that there's nothing wrong with her. We need to carry out a more detailed examination. There's something off about her. Judging by her behavior, she might have congenital autism. It seems the white spots on her face are due to vitiligo. Rest assured that the medical team will keep on attending to her. " 3. Ariana was just about to look through the report when her phone rang. It was from Sarah. "Sorry, I have to take this," she said to the director. She put down the report and walked out

After walking to a quiet corner,. she answered the phone. "Hello, Ariana! How is Alina? Is she all right?" Sarah asked anxiously. "Yes, she's doing fine. She has received a general checkup. Don't worry. " Ariana went on to tell her the doctor's diagnosis. After hearing everything, Sarah breathed a sigh of relief. "Thank you so much, Ariana. I'm truly grateful for your help. I can't even imagine what would have happened if you hadn't helped. Thank you, thank you!". "Oh, don't mention it. How are you doing?". "So-so!" Sarah coughed and added, "Please take care of Alina for tonight. I can't leave here for the time being. My mother is on the way here from a neighboring city. She will pick Alina up tomorrow morning. "No problem. I'll take care of the kid. Don't worry. Just take care of yourself. " Ariana comforted. "If 1 may, who. " She paused just when she was about to bring up the child's paternity. Sarah might feel offended if she brought that up now. After all, it was a private affair. Ariana had actually taken a liking to Sarah right from when she debuted. She listened to all her songs and watched some of her live performances. Sarah was different from most female idols. She was never pretentious or problematic in and out of the industry. People previously looked up to her. Despite all that was going on, Ariana could feel it in her guts that Sarah was innocent. It didn't make sense that Sarah would lie to cover her infidelity if she had indeed cheated on Lynch. They were in the same boat, so she felt that Sarah had no reason to lie. There was more to this than met the eye, and Ariana decided to find out what it was. Perhaps there was a story about the child. After the call ended, Ariana was on her way back to the lounge when a sweet female voice suddenly came from behind. "Hey! Are you the woman who married Theodore?". Ariana turned around, only to see a young lady in a hospital gown standing not too far away. She was beautiful and young. Although her. face looked innocent, her eyes were blazing with hostility