Unconscious Husband: Meet Her Love In Silence

Chapter 5 Terrifying Husband


Desperation to breathe took over Ariana when her life flashed before her eyes. She struggled with all her might and finally broke free from Theodore's iron grip. Gasping for air, she stumbled back, her eyes wide with fear as she clutched her neck, her throat throbbing painfully. Theodore's eyes bored into her, and for a moment, he seemed to take pleasure in her panic. But when his gaze fell on her belly, his expression twisted into one of pure malice. A cold, cruel glint flickered in his eyes, sending shivers down Ariana's spine. "You'd better hope that you're not pregnant," he hissed, his voice laced with venom. "Because if you are, I'll make sure it never sees the light of day. A strangled sound escaped from her throat, and she coughed uncontrollably, struggling to calm her nerves. Ariana felt that Theodore really wanted to kill her a moment ago. Her heart sank as she heard the threat in his words. Theodore was every bit as ruthless as Jasper had warned her. Maybe even worse. In a desperate bid to save her own life, Ariana lowered her head, her voice trembling with fear as she tried to explain herself. "Theodore, please listen to me. I broke up with Jasper, and I never slept with him. "Shut up and get out!" Theodore's patience ran out, and his face twisted into an icy mask. "I never want to see your face again. Ariana realized that convincing Theodore was impossible, no matter how much she tried. She hastened to make her escape, but on her way out, she collided with a sophisticated gentleman in a sleek suit. Trembling, she apologized quickly and bolted out of Theodore's room, not daring to look back. Once Horace Silence strode into the room, he immediately observed Theodore's intense gaze fixed on the spot where Ariana had vanished. It was as if he was lost in deep contemplation, mulling over something of great importance. After a moment's reflection, Horace placed a test report on the nearby bedside table. "According to the doctor, your body is healthy, and after some remedial exercises of your legs, you can fully recover. He will continue to cooperate with your orders and pretend that your legs are disabled. Everyone in the Anderson family believes it," Horace reported to his boss. Theodore smiled, the satisfaction clear in his eyes

"Let's keep them in the dark for a little longer. I want them to think they are invincible before I destroy them. Horace then took out another document. "Boss, this contains information about your new wife, Ariana Edwards," he said, fulfilling his duty as a senior assistant. Horace moved to place the document on the bedside table, but Theodore snatched it from him. Horace was a bit surprised. Then he spoke with a touch of hesitancy. "You may be surprised to hear this, boss, but Ms. Edwards lived a miserable life. Her life has been marked by a series of unfortunate events that have left her with little recourse. She lost her mother at the tender age of 13, and shortly thereafter, her father remarried a woman who brought with her a girl. The girl is Ms. Edwards' younger half-sister. The existence of Ms. Edwards' stepmother and half-sister was clear proof that her father had been cheating on her mother for ages. Fueled by anger, Ms. Edwards left for studies abroad as soon as she became an adult, hoping to escape the pain of her past. However, she didn't get to see her father again before his death. Yet even with her father's passing, she was unable to find closure, as her stepmother seized control of the family's assets and cast her out onto the streets. Given her circumstances, it's possible she felt she had no choice but to marry you. Theodore's eyes narrowed as he perused the report, a slight frown marring his features. "Horace, I can read. I don't need you to interpret," he said in a clipped tone. Horace nodded subserviently, but it wasn't long before he could no longer hold his tongue. "I just feel that Ms. Edwards' past is a little similar to yours. She also has a stepmother, and was—". Theodore's face contorted into a cruel smile as he cut him off

"Do I have to cut your tongue to remind you of your surname?" he hissed. Horace gulped audibly and took a step back. His boss's threat was clear. He knew better than to push the issue any further. Theodore let out a disdainful snort as he recalled the fear that had been etched on Ariana's face. The memory only served to deepen his frown. Meanwhile, Ariana scurried out of Theodore's room and headed to find the housekeeper, Judy Kelly. The warm-hearted, slightly plump middle-aged woman took Ariana's hands in hers as she persuaded, "Mr. Anderson has just woken up and he may need some time to adjust. Love requires patience and understanding. Please, my dear, be obedient and tolerant toward him. Things might turn around for the better soon. Ariana bit her tongue, holding back the retort that she wouldn't please that tyrant even if she was out of her mind. She trembled at the thought of getting too close to him, fearing for her life. After Judy arranged a guest room for her, Ariana collapsed onto the bed, exhausted from the day's events. She fell asleep in no time. The next morning, Ariana jolted awake to the blaring sound of her phone alarm. As she blinked away the sleep from her eyes, she gazed up at the unfamiliar ceiling, her heart heavy with confusion and worry. Her mind swirled with thoughts of her future and how uncertain it had become. Ariana had foolishly believed that her husband's death was imminent and that she could secure her place as an Anderson family daughter-in-law. But the reality was far from what she had hoped. Not only had Theodore survived, but he also seemed intent on banishing her from the family altogether. Ariana groggily reached over and fumbled with her phone until she found the alarm. As she silenced the ringing, a piece of news caught her bleary eyes. "Hundreds of high-price items are on sale at the auction in Ivebridge. The headline grabbed her attention, and she leaned closer to read more. Her eyes widened in shock as she saw the first item on the auction block was a necklace that belonged to her late mother