You’re Mine by Penny Brooks

Chapter 1


Harper. “Nope. No way. Uh uh. This shows waaaay too much skin. ” I stare at my reflection in the mirror, glaring at the offending scraps of material I’m currently wearing. The triangle bikini top barely contains my breasts, and when I turn to check out my backside, the bottom half of my butt cheeks are hanging out. “You look hot,” my best friend Sadie says, her dark eyes sparkling as she clutches her hands together in glee. “Let’s go to the. pool!” . Shaking my head, I face her, taking her in. She‘s wearing a two piece that barely covers her, but she’s not as curvy as I am. I envy her smallish boobs and willowy figure. She can get away with anything, including not wearing a bra. If ! didn’t wear a bra?. Tits everywhere. “I know that look. ” Sadie points at my face, where I can feel the scowl already forming. “You’re coming outside with me. No chickening out allowed. “I can’t. ” I’m already whining, and this isn’t good, especially when I promised Sadie I would actually be social tonight. We’re hosting a party. Our parents are out of town for the weekend and my twin brother Ryan thought it would be the perfect opportunity to throw an alcohol-soaked bash. He pretty much invited everyone from school to attend. It doesn’t matter to Ryan that we don’t live in the best neighborhood in town. Or that our old, two-story house is kind of shabby. We have a pool and access to Dad’s liquor stash. To him and his friends, that’s cause for a celebration. “You can and you will, Sadie says firmly as she grabs hold of my arm and steers me toward my closed bedroom door. I try to resist, but. she’s stronger than she looks. “It’ll be fun. I promise. All the boys will be looking at you. She practically croons that last statement, as if it’s supposed to entice me. Guess what?. It doesn’t. Having the boys look at me is a problem. Their attention makes me uneasy. Uncomfortable. Ryan may be my twin, but we are the complete opposites in almost every single way. He’s popular at our private school while I’m not. He attracts all the girls, while guys barely look in my direction. He’s really attractive. I’m really…

Average. Okay, I have nice hair. It’s a thick, glossy brown with natural gold highlights that become brighter in the sun. It’s my best asset. Well, that and my boobs. If you’re in to big ones, then I can deliver. Ugh, my thoughts are so dumb sometimes. “Ready to go?” Sadie chirps, pulling me out of my head. I blink at her, surprised to see we‘re standing directly in front of my bedroom door, her hand curved around the handle. “I’m not ready yet. Her shoulde rs slump a little, but . she’s not defeated y et. “I hear Easton i s already out there. Okay, that perks me right up. “Did he bring a girl?” . “I don’t think so. ” Sadie smi les brightly and opens my bedr oom door. “Come on, let’s go!” . I let her drag me down the hall. Down the stairs. Into the kitchen , which is packed with all sorts of people I vaguely recognize fro m school. Not a one of them says anything to me, and it’s my house. Fru stra ting . We go outside, where there are even more people. Music is pl aying loudly over the portable . speaker Ryan got for Christmas last year. It’s small but powerful, and the heavy base seems to throb in time with my heartb eat. There are so many people in our small pool, I’m not sure how they all fit. Others are crowded around the sides, dippin g their feet in the water or sitting in one of the chairs that surrounds the small glass topped table with a giant crack in . Easton is sitting at the head of the table like a king surveying his court. He ’s the most popular boy in our class-in the entire school. He’s gorgeous and ri ch and built like a god. Tall and broad with a powerful chest and six pack abs. Clu ste r 1 . Long legs and powerful thighs. He’s currently got all of it on disp lay as he sits there in a pair of dark blue swim trunks and nothing else, clutching a beer bottle in his hand as he glowers at everyone. “There’s your boy, ” Sadie whispers as we both watch him. It’s hard not to stare at him. That chiseled face with the st rong nose and sharp cheekbones, it’s all hard lines with those cold, glacier blue eyes, offset only by his soft, lush mouth. An utter ly kissab le mouth. A sigh leaves me as I s tare at it. His lower l ip is much thicker than . his upper lip, which is shaped in the p erfect cupid’s bow. Those lips are pink and full and he’s currently licking them . I jerk my gaze away from the perfection that is his mouth and glare at my best friend. “He’s not my boy,” I remind her

“He’s no one’s,” Sadie readily agrees. “But I’m sure once he sees you in that bikini, he’ll be dying to get his hands on you. A shiver rolls through me at the thought of Eas ton putting those big, rough hands on my body an d I try to ignore it. “He doesn’t know ! exist. Sadie snorts. “Lia r. You’re his best friend’s sister. “He never talks to me. ” In his world, I’m no one. He’s only interested in blondes, while I have dark hair. Po pular girls who demand attention while I’m just… boring . The smart girl. The one who likes to read. The one who cringes whe n she’s called on in class, even though she always knows the answe r. The nerd. The one with only a couple of friends. The one who’s… . Madly in love wit h Easton. Sometimes I wish I c ould punch . myself in th e face. “He’d talk to your tits. ” At my incr edulous look, Sadie bursts into laug hter. “What? It’s true! Look at you!” . I glance down at myself, wishing I’d worn a coverup. At the very least, a T-shirt. Everything is on display and while no one is paying us any attention, if Sadie keeps laughing like that, someone’s going to notice. “Sadie! Gimme a beer!” . This comes from my brother Ryan, who knows my friend has a tiny crush on him and will do whatever he says without protest. P i g. True to form, she perks right up, her body practically vibrating w ith excitement. “Coming right up!” . She dashes off before I can say a word, leaving me alone. Just standing there. Feeling awkward. What else is new? . Ryan’s gaze goes to mine, a fro wn forming on his face. “What t he hell are you wearing, Harp?” . I shoot daggers at him with my eyes, but it’s like he doesn’t even notice. All of his friends laugh, barely looking at me. Save for one. Ea st on . His eyes rake over me, making gooseflesh rise. He’s checking me out. Oh my God, E aston actuall y notices me