You’re Mine by Penny Brooks

Chapter 10


Easton. She’s here. Mystery girl. The one I’ve been thinking about nonstop, searching the hallways, classrooms, even looking for her in the parking lot after school. Now she’s in my house, breaking into my dad’s beer fridge, standing only a few feet away from me. Waiting for me to kiss her. Her ass was the dead giveaway. The moment I stepped into the. garage and saw those perfect cheeks spread high in the air, 1 knew. And then she turned around, showing off those delicious tits, nipples already perked up. My dick throbs from inside the robe. I need to feel her body against mine. “Come here. She doesn’t move, so I walk over, backing her up until she’s leaning against the fridge. I run my finger over her red, full, gorgeous lips. “I have been dreaming about these,” I say, reminding her of the last thing she said to me before she kicked me. out of the bathroom. I hold her waist, getting a feel of her in this costume. Her tight, curvy body on full display, every dip and arch, begging to be caressed. She’s holding my stare hostage. “Fuck,” I growl, pulling her against me. “You look amazing. ” I tilt her waist toward me, pressing my erection into her. “Do you feel what you’ve done to me?” I draw a line from her throat to her stomach. “But seeing you in this outfit has been well worth waiting a week. “Easton,” she whispers, wrapping. her arms around my neck, bringing our faces closer. She knows me. But I don’t know her and that’s not fair. I grab her ass, squeezing to the point where I lift her into the air, her legs circling my waist, hands clutching my shoulders. I walk us over to the wall, holding her back against it. “Kiss me,” I demand. Her face is hidden, just like the darkness in the bathroom, a sea of black covering her. I’m tempted to rip off the mask, to see who these beautiful eyes and lips belong to,. but her gaze stops me. She’s taking her time drinking me in, savoring my presence

She’s m issed m e, too. And each second she waits only teases me more. “Kiss me,” I repeat, clingi ng to her ass. Her tongue rounds her top lip before it crashes against mine. Her moans fill my ears, the heat from her mouth drawing me in closer, the urge to strip off her costume so heavy in my hands. While I circle my ton gue around hers, I us e the wall to hold her . weight, and cup my palm around her tit. Her nip ple is so hard, I rub my thumb across the tip, back and forth, tugging it through her costume. She’s purring like a fuckin g cat, making her choice of costume even more fitting. I wonder what sounds she’ll make if my h and moves between her . l eg s. With that thought comes another if I’m the first g uy she’s ever kissed, something I still believe to be true, then I’ll be the first to touch her pussy . To se e her naked. To feel h er tight, wetness. A vir gin . My dick hardens e ven more. “You’re making it impossibly difficult to hold back. ” I lic k her off my mouth, tasting her, taking in her stare. “Ther e are so many things I want to do to you against this wall. She’s a flavor I’ve never had before. A sweetness that’s almost tropical, a scent like one of the islands my family has vacationed on. She quivers in my grip, her leg s strengthening around me, her h ead tilting back as I devour her . n ec k. “Oh God ,” she exhales . I can’t stop lapping her skin, her puls e skyrocketing against my mouth, her ba ck arching as I blow around her nipple. “Mmm,” she br eathes. I switch to her other tit, a cry releasing from her throat as I pinch the edge of her nipple, p ulling it enough to make her moan, “Don’t stop. This is my house. No one is going to come knocking on the garage door, there isn’t going to be any interrup tions. Tonight, we have nothing but time and I plan to . spend the e ntire eveni ng with her. The Hugh Hefner silk robe I’m wearing is thin, so is he r costume, so when I push my dick into her and she rock s her hips forward, I can feel the heat from her pussy. My fingers dig into her ass, kneading, positioning her. “You feel so good,” I hiss, this deep, nagging p ulse working through me. But if anything more is going to happen between us-and it is-T must know someth ing first. I need an answer to the question that’s been haunting me since we kissed

“Tell me your name. Her lips part, her che st heaving. “I …” Her v oice fades as her phone . beeps from so mewhere insid e her costume. She releases me to grab it, loo king at the screen that she keep s aimed away from me. “I have to . go. “Now?” . Our eye s lock. “Yes. I remember her voice from the bathroom, and I try to place it. Sh e has a medium pitch; a softness know I’ve heard before. Rich, ch ocolate eyes that are achingly familiar, I just can’t place them. She bucks her hips, wigglin g for me to put her down, e ach thrust stroking my dick. Taun ting me. Driving me fucki ng wild. Da mn it. “I don’t want yo u to go. “I have to. ” More of her softness fl utters into my face, her ass clenchin g as she tries to get down. “Please. I release her, but the second he r feet touch the ground, I reach above her head and cage her in. She runs her fingers over my lips. “You were right … I did miss this mouth. ” Now she’s ref erring to what I’d said to her in the bathroom . I kiss her f ingertips aft er each pass. But it doesn’ t last. She ducks her head and man euvers her way out of my t rap, hurrying to the door. I can’t believe this is hap pening again, that the mome nt I get back, she’s leaving . “Hey,” I say when she reaches for the handle. I wa it for her to turn toward me before I add, “You ha ve to tell me your name, so I can find you again. Her tongue slowly swipes acro ss her bottom lip, her long t ail bouncing. “I’ll find you. Just as I’m abo ut to reply, she opens the door. And s he’s gone