You’re Mine by Penny Brooks

Chapter 74


Chapter 74. Easton. I'm going to kill someone today. I'm sure of it. Anger is boiling inside my chest. Nothing Harper says or does can calm me down. I don’t give a fuck if she ran into Blake in the. hallway, if it was by accident, if she didn’t want to talk to him-! don’t want her around him. Period. I don’t want her to even acknowledge that motherfucker exists. Knowing my temper, I avoid him all day, so I don’t try to fight him in the hallway, but on my way to one of my last classes, I see. him. He’s sitting on one of the tables in the cafeteria, talking to a girl I used to fuck. The look he’s giving her is the same one he. gave to Harper earlier. Alook that’s never going to come across his face again. I'm going to make sure of that. I rush through the entrance and the second I reach him, I grab him by the fucking collar and haul him up off the table. “You want. to talk to Harper?” I blast at him. “You talk to me first. He laughs like an egotistical cocksucker. “What, are you feeling threatened, Easton? Worried she might like my cock more than. yours?” He smiles. “I'd be worried, too. “Easton!” Harper shouts from the doorway, rushing through the cafeteria, her hands now on my waist, trying to get me to release. Blake. “Don’t do this,” she pleads. “Please don’t do this. His smile grows as he says, “Gonna listen to your girl?”. “I can’t wait to hear this,” Aisha says, who’s now joined us, standing behind Blake. “This. is going to get good. A ire is licking through my veins as I continue to hold him by the throat, my anger causing me to see red. “I've fucking had it with you,” I tell him. “With your bullshit, your lies, the way you won't back off my girl. She’s mine, Blake. ” My. teeth clench, growling, “Mine. “Easton, come on,” Harper cries from behind me, trying to unclench the fingers of my free hand from the ball that they’re in. “Man, you talk a lot of shit,” Blake goads, his lips wide, almost comical like The Joker. “But that's all you are-full of shit. You’ve got. nothing to back yourself up. No balls. Just

I'm fucking done. I shake Harper away and rear my arm back, my fist aiming for his nose. I punch him with all the strength I have and the second. my skin connects with h is, a sharp pain explod es through my knuckles. Harper’s s cream fill s my ears. Aisha’s gasp echoes thro ugh the room. And the blood that gushes fr om Blake’s nose only adds to the red I’m already seeing. “Fuck me!” Blake shouts, co vering his face, the blood d ripping through his fingers. I feel no relief at all, the hate is stil l running through me. My arm moves back again and Harper shouts, “No! Easton, that’s enough!” . But it 's not enough. Because even though he’s cove ring most of his face, I can still see that fucking smile. “You want more of me, you motherfu cker?” I spit. “Move your fucking hand so I can knock your ass out. “Easton,” Harper cr ies, “you're going to get in trouble-” . “You're right about that,” Lei gh says from behind me, the fe el of the administrator’s hand . clamping down on my shoulder immediately stops me from punching Blake again. “You 're coming with me,” she orders, and then . drags me several steps back before sh e says to Blake, “Go to the nurse rig ht now and get that nose checked out. Fighting her is a battle I won’t win, so wh en her hand stays on my shoulder, leading me out of the cafeteria and into her office, I . say noth ing. Only when she sits me in a chair in front of her desk do I start, “Leigh,” . She holds up he r hand. “Take a breath, Easton. A b rea th? . Fuck th at, I’m fuming. There are parts of Blake’ s face that still need to be pummeled with my fist. I rake both sides of my hair, my hands twitching in anger. “You need to listen to me . “I need to listen to you?” She takes a seat on the edge of her desk, the side that’s clo sest to me. “You know that isn’t the way this . works. I’m the one in control here. ” As she s wings her legs in the air, her skirt rides hig her on her thighs. “And this little stunt just . landed you in a heap of trouble. ” She p auses. “You know I can protect you but fighting in school crosses a boundary. Trub across my knuckles. “He deserved it. She sighs. “What am I going to do with you, Easton?” She begins to play with the top b utton of her shirt. “You probably broke his . nose. There are witnesses . ” The top butt on pops open, and her legs widen, stretchin g the limits of her skirt

“This is grounds . for a w eek susp ension. I tug my hai r at the roo ts. “A week?” . F uc k. The school will notify my parents and my fa ther will kick my ass for this. He’s all ab out me having a perfect record so I can get . into the best co llege and then g o to law school. “You've got to work your magic,” I tell her. “I can’t get suspended. How about I serve a shitload of detention instead?” . “Do you think that’s a sufficient punishme nt?” She unbuttons another button, followed by a third, her legs spread so wide now, I . can see he r red, lac e panties. That's wher e she’s goin g with this? . Oh s hit . “I think detention is plenty,” I t ell her, “especially if you stick m e with that snore-fest, Mr. Jones. The last button unhooks, and she slides her shirt open, revealing a matching bra. She leans forward, her tits spilling out of the . cups that are trying to hold them in. “He re are your options-you can come to my ho use tonight and serve me or you can serve . your five-day s uspension at hom e. Your choice. An u ltim atum. One that involves her pussy. Anger bubbles throug h me, but a much diff erent kind this time. “What about your husba nd?” I ask. “He’s out of town for the week. “Leigh . ” When I shake my head, my stare falls to her tits. I remember them fondly and the way she rode my cock until she was . fucking screaming. ” -. -” I cut off, not sure how to respond. Her stare drops to my dick and she slowly licks across her lips. “Remember that phon e call from Harper’s mom the other day that . dismissed her from school?” She pauses, allowing my memory to catch up. “I can easily lose that paperwork. I wonder if . Harper’s parents will let her dat e you when they find out you're a bad influence on their daughter. I can go to Leigh’ s place tonight an d cheat on my girl. Or I can earn myself a week suspension an d get Harper in just as much trouble, jeop ardizing our relationship when her parents . find out I was the reason sh e’s suspended. Leigh’s ball s are as big as Blake's. “What's y our answer , Easton?”