You’re Mine by Penny Brooks

Chapter 179


Chapter 179. Harper. "You're right on time, I love it,’ Sadie says when I meet her outside her locker. “Why would I be late?" I ask. "You know, I just figured you and Easton would have a quick sexy session before we went shopping. ” I laugh. “In the student parking lot?" She shrugs and shuts her locker, the two of us now walking out of school. “Wherever. You guys can never keep your hands off each other. ” “Same for you and Ryan—but please don't talk about it. I still can't stomach the details. ” "Girl, I'm just glad your brother forgave me for the whole Blake thing and he didn't demolish. Blake's face in the process". "That makes two of us. I mean, the party was a blast, but cleaning up Blake's blood would have made for a horrific ending. ” I turn toward her as we. reach the parking lot. "I still can't believe I walked in on you two. It was pretty nuts to see it, Sadie. Blake and you—the last thing I ever expected”. “I swear it was Ryan. But, honestly, it could have been the president and I was in no shape to even know the difference. ” I giggle, trying to wipe that. image from my head, too, and climb into her car. Once she pulls into the road, I check my wallet to make sure the money is still in the slot where I put it this morning. "I really hope the shop is running some kind of prom sale. I can't afford to spend a fortune on this dress. ” "Didn't Easton give you his credit card to pay for it?" I glance out the window. "Yep". "So, use it. ” I sigh. "I really dont want to, Sadie. I feel weird about it. ” "Why?" She speeds up, hauling ass through the yellow light. "I don't know, I just do. I have my own money to pay for it. you". "But you also have Easton's and he wants you to use his card or he wouldn't have given it to. I understand that and I thanked Easton endlessly when he handed me his black card at lunch today. But putting that expense on him feels like too much and not fair to him. "I'll think about it,” I tell her just so we can change the subject. “What color dress are you thinking?" She turns at the next light and begins to slow as we get closer to the store. "I had a dream last night about a hot pink dress. That's the color I'm going for. And the hotter, the more sparkly, the sexier, the better’. “Ooo,” I sing, "That's going to look so amazing on you". I pause, sighing. "I have no idea what color I want. Probably something a little more simple and black”. She snorts. "Okay . I turn toward her just as she parks. "What?" Sadie looks at me and rolls her eyes. "We'll see

” She climbs out of the car and I follow her inside the dress shop, watching Sadie go straight for the pink section. where I stay back and go for all the dark tones. The first dress I come across has a price tag of eight hundred dollars. Yikes. I only brought four hundred with me. It's almost all the money I've saved over the year that includes from Christmas and my birthday. I flip through a few more, finding a couple that are only a few hundred, one that's navy, another that's dark green, and pick up a. few more that are all black. "Having any luck?” Sadie asks, joining me, her arms full of pink and sparkles. I show her my arms. "You're holding a funeral". "Stop it,’ I tell her. “I like dark colors". She looks at one of the price tags. "No, you like the price. ” Her voice fades out as a sales clerk approaches and offers to start a dressing room for us, taking the pile. of dresses from each of our arms. “I need a few more to try,’ I tell her, searching through another rack. “Why don't you check the purples, that color would look great on you". "Good idea. ” She disappears and I locate a couple more slip style dresses that I can afford, knowing a cute pair of shoes will. make the dress look more formal and I head toward the back of the store where the dressing rooms are located. I strip off my clothes and step into the first gown and I walk out of the dressing room at the same time Sadie is walking in. "No". She shakes her head. "I hate it. ” I look down at the dress. "Why?" "It's bland, like squash. No one likes squash, Harp". I turn, so she can see the way my leg is sticking out. “But it has a high slit. ” She points toward the dressing room. "Still no. Next one. ” I go back inside and put on the navy one, reaching behind my back to zip myself up. When I come out, I don't expect Sadie to be standing outside, but she is. She eyes me up and down. "That's a big hell no. ” "Seriously?" Her brows raise. "You seriously think it's cute?" I shrug. “I think it works. ” “Girl, nakedness works too, but that doesn't mean I'm going to let you go like that to prom. ” She holds up her. finger. "Don't move,” she says and disappears. I stand in front of the full-length mirror, observing the dress at every angle. It's really not that bad. Maybe not as tight as I want. Maybe not as sexy. It definitely doesnt stand out, but does it need to? I have Easton for that. "Here,’ Sadie says, handing me a smoking hot red gown. "Try this one. ” I eye the stunning material and the low—cut neckline and slit, the intricate beading and the soft, silky material. "No"

"No? Why?" Because I know I can't afford it. "It's too much, Sadie. ” "Go try it on right this second and if you put up a fight, I will smack you. ” "Ugh". I turn and go back into the dressing room, losing the navy dress for the red one, immediately feeling so perfect and how it feels. on my body. When I get back outside, Sadie's mouth drops open. “Holy fuck". She pulls my arm, moving me in front of the mirror. "Can you even right now? Look at how freaking gorgeous you look". She's right. The dress is stunning. It's everything I could have ever dreamed of. It fits me perfectly, it's tight in all the right places. It's smooth and buttery on my skin. I glance down at the tag, my eyes almost popping out of my head when I see the price. "Twenty—five hundred dollars?" I gasp. "Are you kidding—" "Easton is buying it. ” I glance at her to respond. “And don't even try to fight me on this. I've already sent him a text and asked if it was okay and he said yes. ” "Sadie . She puts her hands on my shoulders. "Navy and black and bland dresses are your past. You're a red girl now. The kind of girl who walks into prom and everyone in the room stops and looks at her". She twirls a piece of my hair. “Let your boyfriend spoil you, he can afford it. ” Just as she finishes speaking, we hear whispers and in walks Aisha and Julia with. dresses in their hands. My stomach churns at the sight of them. "Of course you're here,” I say, looking right at Aisha. She huffs a mouthful of air, like my presence is turning her off. "Costing. Easton a pretty penny, huh?" Sadie gives her the finger. "You're just jealous that you have to take Julia as your date. Not even Blake wants to be seen with you”. She laughs. “Can't blame him really. If I was him, I'd rather take a freshman, too. ” "Whatever. We're not together, he can take whoever he. wants". But I can tell she doesnt mean that. She's clearly upset. I put my hands on my hips, smiling. "It's too bad WHGOSSIP is shut down. Apicture of your face right now would make the most perfect post. ” "Fuck you, Harper. ” I smile. "Jealousy is not a good look on you, Aisha". In that moment, the sales clerk walks in to check on us and I point to the dress I'm in and say, “I'm going to take this one