You’re Mine by Penny Brooks

Chapter 24


Easton. I heard the rumors about Harper‘s vandalized locker at the beginning of first period. How someone wrote slut on the front of it in black spray paint-like what the fuck?. By the end of class, I’m being called into the vice principal’s office. The serious expression on Mr. Rose’s face tells me he means business, and he doesn’t even hesitate with his accusation. “Did you vandalize a locker this morning before school started?”. he asks. I scoff, shocked he would think it’s me. “Absolutely not. Why the hell would I do that?”. The pointed look he sends me for cursing at him makes me want to say something else. Something ruder. “Watch your mouth. And where were you on campus before the first bell rang?”. “Out in front of the school, like always am. I have witnesses if you need them to vouch for me. ” I lean back in my chair, completely at ease. “Let me look in your backpack. ” Mr. Rose points at where it sits on. the floor. “No. “Thave every right to search your belongings when you’re on school property. ” He flicks his fingers. “Give it to me. Now. Without a word I hand over my backpack and he settles it on top of his desk before he zips it open, rifling through my things. Irritation fills me but I’m confident he won’t find shit. I don’t even know what he’s looking for. A spray paint can? The person who actually did this would have to be a complete idiot to walk around with the evidence still on them. “Looks like there’s nothing. ” Mr. Rose says once he’s finished and gives it back over to me. “Want to search my car? I can guarantee there’s nothing incriminating in there either,” I say. “Not yet,” Mr. Rose says, which sets off a fresh wave of annoyance. “Why do you think I did it?”. “Your name was mentioned in the list of suspects,” Mr. Rose says. Irritation is replaced by full flown anger. Did Harper actually believe ! would do something so awful to her? What kind of asshole does she think I am?

chutz “Do you still think I did it?” I rise to my feet, slinging my backpack onto my shoulder. “I’m not sure, so be prepared to get called back in,” Mr. Rose says before I leave his office,. The rest of the morning I’m in a red haze, too angry to speak, to pay attention, to do anything but walk through the halls like a damn robot, my gaze constantly scanning, looking for Harper. The little bitch is nowhere to be found and by the time lunch starts, I’m infuriated. “Hey baby, wan t to go off ca mpus together?” . c h . I turn to find Aisha standing in front of me, tempting in a cropped black shirt and high waisted jeans. She looks good as usual, but the problem with Aisha is she lacks substance. “No thanks,” I bite out as I push past her. I hear her say something else but ignore her, moving through the crowds of people like a shark whose sce nted his prey. I find her in the cafeteria, sitting at a table with Sadie, the both of them hovered clos e and whispering. I stop in front of the table, and my presence does nothing. They don’t even notice me. “We need to talk. ” I demand, my voice so loud they both jump. Sadie watches me, her eyes wide. Harper contemplates me coolly, her expression completely unreadable. “What do you want?”. “To talk to y ou. I pause. “In private. Harper shakes her head. “Not a good idea. “I don’t give a shit what you think. ” I round the ta ble and place my hand on her shoulder. Just like tha t, a bolt of lust shoots through me at first contact . So fuc king an noying. “You can’t jus t boss me aroun d” she retorts. “I can when you’re spreading fal se rumors about me and your fuck ing locker,” I throw back at her. Without a word she slips off the bench and we’re walking beside each other, exiting the cafeteria together. Ryan watches us with narrowed eyes but he doesn’t say a word or make a move toward us. I can tell he doesn’t lik e that I’m talking to his sister. Well tough shit. Blake watches us too , his face unreadabl e, his gaze blazing. That guy can go su ck a dick. Once we’re outside, I grab hold of Harper’s arm and lead her toward the parking lot, which is mostly devoid of people. The moment we’re out of sight, she’s yanking her arm out of my hand, turning on me like she wants to rip my head off. I would never vandalize yo ur locker,” I tell her bef ore she can get a word out. She freezes, her mouth fal ling open for a brief seco nd before she snaps it shut . “I’m a dick but I would never go that far ,” I continue. “I don’t know who did it, and after what’s happened between us, I’m

surprised y ou’d think I would be so . aw fu l. She crosses her arms which only plumps up her tits. It takes all I’ve got not to stare at them. “You’re pretty awful, Easton. “Did you tell M r. Rose you tho ught I did it?” . She shrugs one shoulder. More than enou gh confirmation. I take a step toward he r and she stiffens, her expression wary. “Even after everything we‘ve shared?” My voice is soft, my heart pumping wildly as I get closer. This girl-what the hell is she doing to me? I don’t get it. “We haven’t shared much” she whisper s. “One moment in a . cl ose t?” . “And another in a bathroom. And at my party. ” I’m so close I can smell her, that delicious scent lingering around us. “Stop pretending, Harper. It’s unbecoming. She dips her head, her hair falling forw ard and covering most of her face. “Who d id it then? Who wrote that on my locker?” . “It wasn’t me,” I say with so much convict ion she looks up, her gaze meeting mine. “I ’ll help you figure out who did it though. t h . Her brows draw toge ther. “You . wi ll ?” . I touch her cheek. Stroke along her jaw. Press my thumb aga inst her bottom lip. “Yes. I’ll rip their head off for you too, if that’s what you want. I’d do-“I clamp my lips shut. I need to shut the h ell up before say so mething I don’t mean. “You’d do what?” she whispers, her gaze dropping to my lips. Yeah. She can deny it all she wants, tha t she hates me. Wants nothing to do with me. But she can’t deny that she wants me. We‘re happening, whether we like. it or not