You’re Mine by Penny Brooks

Chapter 28


Harper. He has no heart, no soul, nothing but a super hot shell of a body, a six pack, and a. giant dick. I’ve never wanted to kill someone so much in my entire life. If he laid down on the street I’d run him over with his own Jeep. It was all false bravado. My own version of chicken, except he let me taste him, he watched me, his smirk had disappeared. I don’t know what I expected in that moment, maybe for him to taunt me or challenge me to go through with it. Instead, I realized I wanted him– wanted this, even if it meant all I was getting was angry Easton–at least in this instance I was in control and he knew exactly who was making him feel that way. I almost died when he gripped me by the hair, nearly choking me to death. It was good. Damn it. Ryan would decapitate him if he knew. I get to my feet-shaking from our encounter and walk towards the fridge to grab a drink of water-soda-something that’s going to take away his taste so my body stops reminding me of what it felt like to be on my knees in Easton’s kitchen. “What?” Easton is back to ignoring me as he grabs a bottle of water from the fridge then hands me one before opening his own and taking a few gulps. “Was it not good for you?”. “You’re an asshole. ” I say reaching for the water. “I don’t suppose you have any mouthwash around for the whores you bring here?”. He smirks. “Are you calling yourself a whore?”. “You lasted like three minutes, Easton, I’d tread carefully before it’s your locker that. gets vandalized with the words Minute Man. “Bullshit. ” He points his water bottle at me. “You took me by surprise, that’s all. “Mmmm, okay. He reaches into his back pocket and pulls out his phone. “Fuck, three missed calls is Aisha high or something?”. I flinch at Aisha’s name. The girl he was making out with days ago. She would hate me if she knew. Then again. I frown. She already doesn’t like me. Could she have been the culprit? But why? It’s not like anyone knows about me and Easton? Even me and Easton didn’t know. He sighs and calls her right in front of me, he doesn’t even say hi no he just goes. “What is it? I’m busy. Busy. Hah. I was the one that was busy but whatever…. He sighs and starts wandering around the room completely ignoring me. I almost duck behind the counter then remember she can’t actually see me. Suddenly he hits his screen and she’s on speakerphone announcing how bored she is. “Watch TV. ” He moves around the kitchen. “Do homework, like I said I’m busy. “Wait,” She pauses. I hold my breath. ”Is Ryan over? Do you guys want me to come hang?”. “No. ” He sounds annoyed. “He and Harper got into a fight after some bitch wrote slut on her locke r. You wouldn’t know anything about that, right?”

She barks out a laugh. “D o you really think I’d was te my time on that bitch?” . I squee ze my ey es shut. Easton doesn’t even defend me. I suddenly feel dirty about what we did. St upid. Five minutes ago I was proud of myself and now I want to throw his p hone across the room. Why doesn’t he just hang up? What does he see in her? . I tune out their conversation then hear her his flirty laugh. A isha, lets not have a repeat of last week when you randomly showed up at my house and asked me to fuck you, okay? I really am busy. “I was horny. ” She s napped “And you know you like it when==” . !–sorry you’re breaking up. ” He coughs i nto the phone and finally looks over at me. “Is there anything else you needed?” . “Wow, all business today I see. ” She laughs. “Fine, fine. ” She lets out a lazy yawn that I can see perfectly in my head, she does it in front of Easton all the time, pressing her breasts back, and he almost always falls for it. “You know wh ere to find me, maybe I’ll send you a picture of my new skirt later, unless you prefer to see what’s underneath instead?” . Tear’s well in my ey es. He wants me to h ear this. It’s cruel. “Nah I’m good, I already jacked off earlier. ” This time when he looks at me he’s not smiling, everything about his look is heated like he’s remembering me on my knees. “Aw did you save one of my selfies?” . He swallows, eyes still locked on mine. “Nah f ound something better. She la ughs: “Liar. “Bye—” He draws out the word. She hang s up . And we’re left there staning in the silence, me drink ing water in a vain attempt to wash away my sins and E aston staring at my mouth like he wants to do it again . The attraction is like this inferno, no matter how many times I toss something on the flames, w e explode in a fury of madness, lust, and chaos. He h angs up. I’m so embarrassed I could die. I don’t know where to look or what to say, I start to put th e water bottle down so I can grab my phone and call Ryan to come get me, then again that’s p robably not a good idea either. Sadie will come to my rescue. I need to get out of the house. Why would I think what we did me ant anything to him when he’s ge tting it on the regular by Aisha? . “Wanna watch a mo vie?” He asks like nothing happened. “Are y ou kid ding?” . He shrugs. “What? It’s not like she thought you were h ere. Damn, can you imagine? . She’d spread so much shit about you that you ’d hang yourself before the next semester. T hat’s just how she is, don’t worry about it. I shove him. “T hat’s why you t hink I’m angry?” . He frowns. “I covered for you so you really don’t need to be angry, it’s not like! popped the phone on Facetime and wave d the phone around. Besides you’re already here, let’s hang. Was this his way of rewarding me for a job well done? I was stuck between wanting to prove to him that I could be mature and sit through a stupid movie without feeling uncomfortable. “I liked it. ” He looks away, his expre ssion unreadable when his eyes find min e again

“Don’t read too much into it. I roll my ey es. “Trust m e, I wasn’t. “You know for a nerd you’re a rea lly good kisser-* . “Easton!” I punch him in the shoulder . “Harper!” He smirks, rubbing his shoulder and sets down his water next to mine on the counte r. “For the record, you really are, just don’t tell Ryan I said that, I’ll deny it to my grav e and spread it around the school that you have herpes and halitosis before admitting it, k?” . I sigh pressing my fi ngers to my forehead. “You’re exhausting. “At least you’re not bored like Aisha is right now it’s not like I’m her cruise director or somethin g, damn it’s annoying. So what do you say? Movie?” . I h esit ate. If I stay lo nger things might happen. If I stay longer Ryan’s going to ask where I am. If I stay l onger I’ll get weaker. Easton somehow reads all of it, grabs me by the hand and pulls me against him, how the hell is this guy hard again? My eyes widen as he lowers his mouth and presses a kiss to my neck. “Stay. “We can’t be doing this. ” I sigh. “I know. ” He agrees just as my brother’s voice fills the room. “Easton!” He yells. “You know where Harper is?”. Easton shoves me away, s miling cruelly. “I’m goo d at picking up strays. My brother round s the corner. “W hat’s going on?” . Easton shrugs and says. “She was hungry. I felt sorry for her after your fight, I was gonna ta ke her home but brought her here first to eat. “What did you guys have?” He asks, his expression t hunderous like any answer is going to be a very wro ng and end up leading Easton towards an early grave. “Yeah what did we have again?” Easton stretches his arms over his head all relaxed like he isn’t about to get punched, exposing his tan skin and six pack. I smile and say. “Miniatu re hot dogs. His smile drops and for some reason the cha llenge in his eyes makes me want to kiss him again. It makes me realize I do affect him. Ryan doesn’t even hesitate as he grabs Easton and slams him against the counter, his hands fisting hi s shirt. “What the hell did you do with my sister?” . “Nothing. ” Easton shoves him back. “Damn what kind of friend do you think I am?” He shrugs a bit. “Let’s watch a movie. Ryan doesn’t move, he looks between us with suspicion. Easton igno res it and then holds up his phone. “If you don’t believe me, I was talking to Aisha for most of the time while your sister hydrated. Lies . All lies . He flashes his phone to Ryan who relaxe s a bit, then jabs a finger in Easton’s face. “Hands off, you know the rules. “I know the rules. ” He says as Ryan shoves past h im. Easton’s devouring me with his stare. He knows the rules. He’s just choosing not to follow them