You’re Mine by Penny Brooks

Chapter 5


Harper. I can definitely see what I have done to him. Oh my God, his dick is huge. Massive. I’ll never be able to handle it. If I ever even get the chance to have it. He thrust those hips against me so smoothly, my eyes nearly crossed. And the way the boy kisses…it’s as if I’ve died and I’m floating on a white, fluffy cloud, . only brought to life by his persuasive lips and delicious tongue. All that hip grinding and wandering hands and the heavy, hot breaths against my skin. I’m practically a pile of sweaty goo on our bathroom floor. No wonder people go on and on about sex. What I just experienced was freaking amazing, and it was merely a simple kissing session. But I don’t care that he doesn’t want to leave, he needs to. Someone else could come knocking on the door or the lights could turn on at any second. What would happen then? Would Easton still feel the same way if he saw. who I was? Would he freak out that he’s been making out with his best friend’s sister?. I don’t know. I also don’t want to take the chance of finding out. I want to remember this night just like this, with my skin on fire and lips stinging and swollen and the memory of him telling me how hot my body is. “Easton…” I start, finding his waist, touching his chiseled muscles, my fingers getting lost in the grooves between each ab. I open my mouth to tell him to leave. I need so badly to say those words, but. the way his hard-on is pressed against me, the way his body feels so scrumptious under my hands, my head is filling with other thoughts. Ones that involve him staying and his mouth returning to mine and. No, Harper. This has to end. Now. “Easton,” I attempt again, “you really have to go,” I reinforce, leading him in the dark toward the door. His fingers graze my chin. “You’re going to miss my mouth. He’s right about that. I suck in some air, giving myself the courage to jumble with the lock, twisting it vertically, the handle releasing as I pull it open. “Not even a good-bye kiss?” he asks from the doorway. One more and I won’t have the strength to push him away. I’ll tug him right back inside and let him untie every string of my suit. “You already know what my lips taste like,” I say softly, touching them with my free hand. “Now, you can dream about them. I gently guide him through the threshold and lock the door,. sagging my body against it. I take a big, f ortifying breath, the quivers leaping in my chest, the tingles exploding in my stomach. Did that really ju st happen? . I’m running my fingers over my lips, reminiscing about the way Easton’s had felt when the lights turn on, the brightness so jarring, I cover my eyes. I can’t believe my luck

If this had h appened seconds before, everything wou ld be different. He would know it’s me. But I’m all alone in here and our kiss is my secret. I smile, sta ring at my r eflection in . the mirror. I’m a mess. My cheeks and chest are flushed a deep pink. My eyes are sparkling. My hair is in chaos from his hands. My skin grows warmer at the words lingering in my brain. His words. His hands. All over me. There’s a knock on the door and I’m nervous that Easton’s returned. “Who i s it?” I ask. “It’s Sadi e, silly, let me in. There’s a frown on her pretty face the moment the door is open. “What happened to you?” . “What do you mean?” I ask, wondering if she can tell what Easton and I just did. “The lights go out and you disappeared! I had no idea where you were,” she chastises, scooting her way inside and shutting the door. “Are you all right?”. “I’m fine. ” I smil e, trying to hide my jittery nerves. “You look all flushed. ” She waves a hand toward my chest. “Your skin is splotchy. ” Her gaze catches on the vodka bottle Easton must’ve left behind. “Ooh, check it out! Jackpot!”. “Come on. ” I open th e door once . again and we exit together, Sadie clutching the vodka bottle. “Why di d the power turn off? Do you know?” . “I guess the entire block went out I was o utside when it happened, and all the houses around us had no lights either. So weird. “hid out in the bathroom the whole time,” I tell her, not about to r eveal the kiss with Easton. Not yet . I want to savor it-try to recall ev erything he did and said. Relive it moment by moment. Then !! tell her . M ay be . “Lame,” she teases, nudging me wit h her elbow. “Too bad you weren’t locked in the dark with a hot boy!” . She’s so close to t he truth, it’s scar y. “Ha ha, I wish

We pass through the crowded kitchen to head back outside, Sa die chatting a mile a minute while I don’t say a thing. My m ind is still in a daze thanks to Easton and his magical lips. “Boys are sta ring at you,” Sadie whispers . I shrug. “S o? It’s jus t a bikini. Sadie watches me in wonder. “Wow, the lights go out for a few. minutes, and you’re completely transformed. I love your new attitude!”. “I shouldn’t be ashamed of my bod y,” I say, glancing down at mysel f, seeing it in a whole new light . This body just had Easton’s hands all over it. He even touched me in forbidd en places. And I let him. I wanted it. I wa nted him . My gaze wanders around the b ack yard, searching for him, but he’s nowhere to be found. Did he lea ve? Where did he go? . “No, you absolutely should not be ashamed,” Sadie reaffirms. “Show them how gorgeous you are, Harper!”. I love how encour aging my friend i s. She’s the best. Sadie grabs my hand, dragging me toward the table where my brother and his friends are still sitting, save for Easton. Disappointment crashes over me and I put on a smile, trying to fake it as the boys start talking to us. Mos tly me. And when Ryan realizes his friend s are giving me attention, his ga ze lands on me, his lip curling in . disgust. “You need to cover up,” h e says like the protective, older than me by two minutes big brother . tha t he is. I waive a hand aroun d the pool. “No one else is covered up. “You s till s hould. “I don ’t wan t to. “I say you s hould. “Ryan,” Sadie interjects. “Le ave her alone. He glowers at Sadie, but otherwise doesn ’t say another word. Hmm. I should ask for her sup port more often . I can feel someone behind me, like an alarm going off, but the buzzing is only inside my body. Each nerve flickering like Easton’s hands are caressing it. I become still, carefully glancing over my shoulder. Before I even see his gorgeous face, I know. It’ s Ea ston . Staring at me with a look o f such disgust, I can feel my heart shrivel up in fear