You’re Mine by Penny Brooks

Chapter 6


Easton. I’d taken a quick walk down the block to get my erection to die down and get my shit together before rejoining my friends in the backyard. The last thing I need is to show up, pitching a tent in my swim trunks. But even though I’m no longer hard, my lips still feel swollen and heavy from kissing her. This mystery girl who makes my heart race every time I think about the feel of her body. My head is a mess as I rack my brain, trying to come up with whose mouth that was. Whose perfect,. heart-shaped ass I had just squeezed. I can’t understand why she would kick me out of the bathroom. Why she would want to end something that felt that good. I know she was having fun. Her nipples were so hard as they’d pressed into my chest, her breathing ragged, the softest moans escaping those pouty, soft lips. She wanted me. I didn’t doubt that at all. But, out of nowhere, I was suddenly in a dark hallway and heard the cold click of the door locking, leaving me with a raging hard-on and an even stronger. desire to drink. Now that I’ve returned to the table where my buddies are sitting, there are two things separating me from the vodka. Ryan’s sister, who’s in my way, and her best friend, who’s holding the bottle. Both need to move. Now. I push past Harper and grab the bottom of the bottle. “Mine,” I tell Sadie, pulling it from her hand. “Okay, Mr. Feisty,” Sadie replies. I untwist the cap and tip back my head, the liquid instantly filling my mouth, burning my throat on the. way down. After a few swallows, I stop. Wait for my mouth to calm. And I search the flavor on my tongue. I can still taste her. The sweetest of her lips, the tropical scent from her skin. I hold the bottle to my mouth again and turn toward the pool. 1 know most of the girls sitting around the edge, dangling their feet in the water, and the ones floating on rafts. Still, I check out their tits and the curves of their neck and the way their backs arch. If their asses are showing, I look to see if they fill out the bottoms of their bikinis. 23. 47%. 13. 03 1. She’s not over there, I’m sure of it. I turn again, this time toward the firepit where another large group is standing, hearing Ryan grumble behind me. “Harper, I’m not going to tell you again!”. “I seriously don’t understand what your problem is! I’m wearing the same thing everyone else is. “You’re my sister, that’s the damn problem. As I study each of the girls by the firepit, I know all of them. One is a chick I dated for a couple days, another I got naked after a party last year

One gave me road head. a few months ago. I know their mouths, their bodies. They aren’ t her. “Harper!” R yan barks a gain. “Go!” . “F in e!” . I’m met with the deepest s cowl as my best friend wat ches his sister storm off. “You need to lighten u p, man. ” II hold the bo ttle out to him. “Here, . dr in k. “She doesn’t listen to a damn thing I say, and it pisses me off. ” He hastily takes th e vodka, drenching his lips as he swallows. “You need to stop b eing so hard on her, ” Sadie says to him. Ryan glares. “Don’t you dare start with me. You don’t have a sister, you have no idea what it’s like. “You’re right, I don’t have a sister as hot as Harper, so I definitely don’t know what it’s like to have all my friend s vying for her attention. ” Her smile is meant to goad him. And it w orks. He leans back and takes anot her large swig . Ryan has reason to worry. These fools we hang out with will tap anything, whether it be hi s sister or one of these girls in the backyard . or even Sadie, who’s clearly af ter Ryan’s dick. They have n o shame in their game. Neit her do I. But never once did I ever think about any of the g irls I’d been with after my lips left theirs. None of them ever caused me to have to go walk it off. Not a single one can I s till taste on . my ton gue. Exc ept her. “Stop talking about how hot my sister is,” Ryan says. “I don’t want to hear it and I don’t want her gaining any more attention. I nodded tow ard the bott le. “Drink. He takes my advice, and then looks at me with a sneer in his eyes. “Let’s talk about you. ” A cocky grin spreads across his mouth. “You were certainly having a hell of a time earlier. “What’s do y ou mean?” Sa die asks him. “I busted him with someone” Ryan replies. “Seriously? With whom?” Sadie asks. I take the bottle back, guzzling a shot worth. “Both of you need to stop. I’m going to kick Ryan’s ass for this

His girl is a little investigator. Although there’s no doubt Sadie could pinpoint the mystery girl after a few descriptions of her body. But the last thing I need is Sadie involved, meddling in my life the way she’s constantly invading Ryan’s. I grab my towel off one of th e chairs and say to Ryan, “It’ s muggy, let’s go for a swim. “I’m ga me,” he replies. “Whatever, you two. ” She rolls her eyes. “I’m going to go check on Harper. As she ski ps toward t he house, I . jab Ryan in the shoulde r. “Don’t worry, I forg ive you for outing me. “You’ve hooked up with hal f the girls here. You thin k the news surprises her?” . I laugh, changing the subject back to him. “Isn’t it time y ou give Sadie what she wants?” . “It’s our senior year. We’re off to college next fall. Why would I want to start something heavy?” . “Who says you need to give her more th an just your dick?” . He watches Sadie walk inside, her hips swaying, her ass sticking out She glances over her shoulder at him, like she knows we‘re talking. abo ut her. “Please,” he says, “Sad ie’s not the kind of gir l who can handle light. I observe the way she stares at my friend , like she’d agree to marriage if he got on one knee. “I think you might be right. “Trust me, I am. ” His brows raise. “Who were you in the bathroom with?”. I drop my towel on one of the lounge chairs and move to the edge of the pool. “Don’t know. “You’re shitti ng me?” . I take a final drink of vodka. “And I’m not going to remember any of . it in the mo rning. “Maybe it was her. ” He nods towar d the girl who gave me road head. “She’s eye-fucking you right now. “Can’t be. ” She’s all nipple, no tit, and far too s kinny. I cannonball into the water and reply, “But that’s a solid guess,” after he jumps in next to me. “Oh, you know who it could be …” He looks across the crowd, pointing t o the far corner of the lawn. “Her. I squint. “Who?” I wipe my face, pushing the water out of my eyes, waiting for her body to come into . 1 3: 04 . view, her large, perky tits the f irst thing I see…