You’re Mine by Penny Brooks

Chapter 7


Harper. Thurry inside my room and slam the door behind me, anger exploding in my chest. My brother makes me positively crazy. To insist I cover myself up, at a pool party no less, is just absurd. But to make those demands in front of Easton, who offered me nothing more than a look of disgust, is infuriating. It’s like he didn’t even see me out there, oblivious to my existence. Nothing more than Ryan’s twin. Maybe that’s a good thing, he’ll never figure out who I am. But if I ever want to kiss him again, how do I get him to notice me?. I just want that glacier blue stare locked with mine. The one that makes my entire body scream. I go over to one of my windows, moving the blind aside to peek into the backyard. Unlike the bathroom, it’s not opaque, so I carefully search, finding Easton in the pool. He’s in the shallow end with Ryan, sharing the vodka with him, girls splashing around them. His lips are wet, his skin dripping. He’s so ridiculously handsome. The light in the pool shows the ripples of muscle across his chest, biceps that flex every time he moves, a grin I just want to lick. My body won’t stop humming. I recall the feel of his tongue. The caress of his hands. The way he exhaled so seductively over my skin. A chill runs through me as I stare at him. “Harper!” I hear Sadie shout from the other side of my door, pulling my attention away from the window. “Harper, it’s me, open up. I drop the shade and rush over, turning the lock, opening the door a crack. “Hey. I’m breathless and I know who it’s from. Concern is etched across her face. “Ryan can be such a dick sometimes. Are you all right?”. “Yeah. ” I roll my eyes. “I’m just annoyed. Her eyes widen. “I don’t want to make you feel worse, but I have news that’s going to. My stomach drops. “What?”. “I want to tell you, but I don’t want to tell you, but I have to tell you. girlfriend code and all. I reached through the opening and pull her into my room. “Spill it

“It’s just …” She looks down at her flip-flops, taking a breath. “Right after you left, Ryan told me he caught Easton with a girl. I swear she can see my heart beating and I try to keep my face from giving anything anyway. “What girl?”. “Ryan doesn’t know, and Easton wouldn’t give up her name. “Why wouldn’t he?”. She sighs. “He probably thinks I’ll tell someon e … like I’m doing right . now. ” She s hrugs. It’s because Easton doesn’t know it’s me, that’s wh y he wouldn’t tell Sadie. But, for now, I’m keeping our make out a secret from Easton, Sadie-everyone. I put on my best acting an d say, “Ugh, I’m bummed he was with a girl tonight. “Don’t give him a second thought. You still look smoking hot, girl. ” She twirls a chunk of my hair around her finger. “In fact, Ryan can’t stand that his friends are giving you attention. A few more pool parties, like the one tonight, and you’re going to give your brother a heart attack. ” She grabs . a maxi dress off my bed and h ands it to me. “Put this on a nd let’s go back downstairs. I take the dress from her, my heart not ready to return to the backyard. “I’ll meet you in a few minutes. “Are you s ure?” . I n od . “Okay, just don’t take too long,” she says and let’s herself out. Llock the door behind her an d climb on top of my bed, to ssing the dress on my chair. There’s another wind ow near the foot of my mattress, this one . facing the pool. I push the blind aside, immediately catching sight of Easton. Nothing has changed since the last time I looked, he’s still wit h my brother, a slew of girls around them, laughter filling their faces. How’s it possible th at he looks even cut er than minutes ago? . Or that my body still feels like his hands are on it, thos e fingers wrapping around my hips, lowering to my butt, ci rcling my cheeks, like he’s going to lift me into his arms. My skin t ingles wi th sweat. Like the breathlessness, I know it‘s not from running upstairs. It‘s . from the memories of Easton that won’t stop churning in my brain. How his lips had s o expertly meshed with mine, how his grasp had slid across my stomach and up my ches t, how his gaze was impossible to see in the dark but still sent quivers through me. Trembles t hat are tak ing over me . right now. I can feel him

Tas te him. Sme ll him. And it ’s not enough. I wa nt m ore. My head sin ks into a p illow, and I . hold the blind open with my foot, staring at Easton while I g et comfy on my back. I don’t know this sensation. It’s not so mething that’s ever visited before, its demands so unfamiliar. But there’s a fire b etween my legs, a nee d pulsing through me. I lis ten t o it. And I r eact . My fingers crawl down my body toward the heat, stopping at that special sp ot between my legs. I watch Easton through the glass, his grin sending my touch even lower, and it’s like I’m back in the bathroom, the bottoms of my . 0 9 . bikini on the floor. gasp at how good it feels. My legs spread fur ther apart, my fin gers moving faster. As Easton’s smile grows, I rub hard er. As his hands slid over the pave rs that edge the pool, I go deeper. My breath hitches as pleasure builds inside me and my eyes close. I’m in the dark bath room again. Wit h h im. His tongue is sliding throu gh my lips, and I imagine h ow it would feel on my body. Oh G od. The pads of my fingers click back and forth, an intensit y surging from the movement. Something is happening. Inc reasing. Charging. My eyes open and look directly at him. I can’t bre athe, but I ’m panting. A jolt erupts and my back lifts off the bed, my knees bend, my toes curl, and I swallow the noise, so no one can hear me. The tingles bolt through my stomach, f lutters move into my limbs. I don’t know where this is taking me, but I hold on. I ru b. And I stare at the boy who s tarted it all. A peak blasts and these paralyzing shudders follow, stron g enough to make me suck in a moan and I bury my face in a pillow, releasing the sounds I can’t keep quiet anymore. This feeling i s so overwhelm ing, I’m lost. I can’t stop i t; I can’t even make it pause. When it finally rolls through me, pull my face out of the pillow and I glance throug h the small, uncovered space of the window. Iga sp a gain . But, this time, it’s because Easton’s looking up at my bed room, and our eyes are locked