You’re Mine by Penny Brooks

Chapter 8


Easton. Everyone is talking about Ryan’s party when we return to school Monday morning. That’s because anyone who’s anyone was there, rumors swirling through the hallways and throughout my first period class about who got the drunkest, the sickest, who hooked up in Ryan’s parents’ bed. I only remember one thing from the night. The girl I kissed in the bathroom. The rest is one big blur. But I remember every detail about that deliciously curvy waist and the softness of her skin and the way her lips had melded to mine. And since waking up with a whopping hangover the next morning, I’ve been trying to recall every chick who was at the party, comparing them to my memory of her. I don’t understand why this girl is such a mystery. She must be somewhere in this school and I’m going to find her. That should be easy. There are only two kinds of girls who attend Washington High- ones that disgust me and are not my type at all, and ones I’ve already been. with. Since I’m on the hunt, I make sure to look at both categories while I’m passing them in the hallway. By lunch, I haven’t made any progress, and I join the guys in the cafeteria, filling my tray with a few slices of pizza and a drink before I take a seat between Ryan and Blake. “I’m still feeling like death,” Blake says, staring at his bowl of French fries, not putting a single one in his mouth. “I had Rebecca stop by my place yesterday afternoon and her deep throating couldn’t even take this headache away. “Damn. ” I bite into the pepperoni slice. “I was feeling pretty rough yesterday afternoon, too, but getting some head would have helped. I think of mystery girl’s lips, how they would feel sucking around my tip and lowering down my shaft. Fuck. “Tell me about it,” Blake replies. “And that chick has a mouth like a vacuum, but I was doing everything I could not to throw up. My cell vibrates in my pocket, and I take it out, seeing a text from my father, letting me know he’s taking my mother away this weekend,. and I’ll be home alone. “Hey,” I say, tapping the screen to pull up a calendar, “isn’t Saturday Halloween?”. “I think so, why?” Blake says. I glance up from my phone, a smile moving over my face. “Mom and Dad are going out of town. Guess who’s having a party?”. “Oh, hell yes,” Ryan replies. “But what about your brothers? Will they be stopping by to make sure that’s not what you’re doing?”. Both are older than me and work with my father at his law firm, footsteps that I’m supposed to follow. The pressure my dad puts. on me every day is more than want to carry. “Nah,” I answer

“T’ll tell them I’m staying at your place, so there’s no reason for them to pop in. “I like this idea,” Blake says. “A lot. I write out a quick text, shooting it off to the important people in our class, making sure everyone knows about the plan, and I take another bite of my pizza. “I’ve got an idea,” Bl ake says. “Why not mak e it a costume party?” . I swallow, wiping my mouth. “For . real?” . “Yeah, why not. Can you imagine . how the girls will dre ss? How much tits and a ss will be on display?” . “Girls love any rea son to put on a cos tume,” Ryan agrees. “Which usually looks more like lingerie,” Blake says, his eyes cl osing, like he’s dreaming about it already. “All those hotties un der one roof, it’s going to be the fucking playboy mansion at your . crib. “I’m sold. ” I take out my phone a nd type up another message, lettin g the group know to wear costumes. I wonder if mystery g irl will hear about th e party and attend and . what kind of costume she’ll have on, if it w ill reveal that perfect chest with hard, per ky nipples, or that ass I can’t stop thinking . ab ou t. A grin pulls across Ryan’s lips as he n ods. “I think we should all go as Hugh Hefner, the owner of Playboy Magazine. “And round up a ména ge of bunnies for th e night,” Blake adds. “Shhh,” I warn as Sadie walks into the cafeter ia, Ryan’s sister behind her, Sadie heading st raight for Ryan. “Here comes the bunny killer. Sadie stops in front o f our table, . practically bouncing. “Sooo, I hear there’s a Halloween party this weekend. ” She holds up her phone, like she just read the text. “Word tra vels fast, ” I reply. “I love costume parties,” she sin gs. “Ryan, we should go as Ken an d Barbie, how cute would that be?” . Ryan takes a bite of his sandwi ch, replying with a full mouth, “I’m dressing up with the guys. “Well, whatever, I’ll wear somet hing else, then. “Will it be skimpy?” Bla ke asks her. She slaps his sho ulder

“I’m not on e of those girls. “What about you, Harpe r?” Blake asks. “Are y ou one of those girls?” . “Watch i t!” Ryan seethes. I look at his sister, waiting for her to answer, which I’m sure is going to erupt a fight between her and Ryan. As s he contemplates her response, my stare focuses on her mouth . I’m surpri sed by how sexy it is. I n . Her tongue slowly slides o ut to lick across her botto m lip, so full and now wet. And h ot as hell. Fuck no, Easton, stop putting your brain th ere. She’s Ryan’s twin . sister and he’s already pissed that his friends are giving her attention. An idea comes to me out of nowhere and I s ay, “Doesn’t matter,” before she has a chan ce to respond, “because you’re not coming. She looks at me, like I just said the wilde st thing. “Excuse me?” . “No sibling s allowed,” I tell her. If Ryan doesn’t want his boys hitting on his sis ter, the way he’d struggled like hell with her a t the pool party, then this should make him happy . The amusement on his face and his laughter tells me I made the . rig ht c all. “You’re saying … I’m not invited ?” she clarifies. “Did you get my text, asking you to come?” I do n’t have to look at my phone to know she wasn’t on that group message; I don’t have her number. Her eye s widene d. “No. “Then, no, you’re no t invited. “I know you’re not being that much of a dick,” Sadie sna ps at me, her nostrils flaring, teeth showing like a rab id dog. “She’s coming and I know Ryan will side with me. Ryan puts h is hands up in the air. “I’m not gett ing in the mi ddle of this. “You already are,” Sadie confi rms. She glares at me and adds , “See you Saturday, dickhead. Both girls walk away, but not before Ha rper gives me one final stare that invo lves her teeth gnawing on her lower lip. Damn i t, tha t lip. I hope she keeps he r pretty mouth at ho me where it belongs. Far away from Ryan’ s friends. An d me